After Bengaluru Incident, Internet Questions Stand Up Comedians; Easy To Mock Hindu Gods, Right?

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With the Bengaluru riots having made the news nationally, many Twitter users attacked stand-up comedians and questioned their silence over the issue.

Three people have been killed in the police firing in Bengaluru where violent riots took place over a Facebook post that was allegedly derogatory against Prophet Muhammad. The riots had over 60 police personnel injured and some of the journalists were also attacked. The Bengaluru City Police has taken over 100 people into custody in relation to the riots that happened in the East Bengaluru region. As the news traveled, many leaders across political parties have appealed to the citizens to maintain peace and do away with violence.


Kunal Kamra
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Twitter Questions Hypocrisy

However, Twitter was swift enough to question the stand-up comedians for their silence over the issue and also asked whether the silence is because of a particular religion. The stand-up comedians in the country have been asking for liberal free speech whenever they have been attacked for a joke on the Hindu community. The Twitter pointed out the hypocrisy of the stand-up comedians for not talking against the Muslim community for attacking for a Facebook post.

Earlier, Vir Das was questioned for not making jokes on any other community other than the Hindu community.

Earlier last year, comedian Kunal Kamra had deactivated his account after a user pointed out jokes on the Muslim community on his handle.


Here’s how Twitter reacted.