After Being Rejected By 5 Hospitals, Bengaluru Man Sets Up A COVID Care Center For Asymptomatic


One of the challenges that have risen with the increase in the number of cases in the city of Bengaluru is the lack of availability of beds in hospitals.

There have been several instances in the silicon city where people have struggled to find a bed for themselves or for a family member after testing positive for the novel coronavirus infection. Some of the incidents of lead to death or an increase in severity in the infection for delayed treatment. This has emerged as the biggest challenge in the metro cities where the cases refuse to slow down. The unflinching recovery rate has also added to it.


COVID Care (1)

A Bengaluru resident, Sunjoy Gaarg, was also one of them who faced a similar situation last month when he was tested positive for COVID-19. Professionally an iron and steel businessman, the 49-year-old Sunjou Gaarg struggled to find a bed for himself in a COVID-19 dedicated hospital. Close to five hospitals turned him away but later he had to use the influence of a friend to get treatment. After recovering from COVID-19 and taking from his experience, Gaarg decided to do something for the COVID-19 patients.  He set up a COVID-19 first-line treatment center for asymptomatic patients.

Scaling Up The Capacity

However, before he was tested positive, Gaarg was involved in the distribution of ration and food kits to the underprivileged under the Agarwal Samaj Karnataka which he is a president of. Gaarg got other members of the organization and set up a 42-bed COVID care center in Meenakshi Meadows at the Jigani Hobli.

The care center has also tied up with a private hospital that has agreed to lend its doctors and nurses to look after the asymptomatic patients. Gaarg and his members are looking to scale up the capacity of the center in the coming days if there is a need. A member of the Agarwal Samaj revealed that they initially wanted to make it free of cost but later had to resort to charging a nominal amount.



Source: India Times