How to start Affiliate Marketing? Know in Simple Words

Do you want to spend your time in self-education, meeting with friends and relatives, traveling and just doing nothing? Asking this question we mean ALL your time when you don’t have to work at all. Sounds quite tempting, why not.

If one says it is impossible, we can offer examples of some cities of Canada, the United States and Netherlands people already get universal basic income regardless of their social situation, employment status, and other factors. The latest trend in affiliate marketing is self serve advertising platform that provides quality services for advertiser and publisher to boost their revenue.


It is sad, that we can’t work out such a scheme in marketing, but we know a decent way to work and, in case of hard work, you may make a whole bunch of money off it.

What is affiliate marketing?

The general idea here is to make a profit from promoting other’s person or brand’s products and get money from commissions of each purchase. On the one hand, it looks too simple that everyone could do it. It’s not all as easy as it sounds.

If you didn’t guess yet, we have at least 3 participants involved:


  • Seller or creator, owner of the goods or services;
  • Affiliate partner – a person who promotes the business;
  • Buyer or consumer – he is a key figure as everything was started to make him buy.

In some sense, we may say that the first figure in the list is the most tranquil as he has nothing to do, but manufacture.

Next link in the chain has really put himself to some bother as it is up to him which channel to use and how to interact with the audience. The problem is that if the strategy or target audience, or channel was wrong – it main ruin everything, no matter how excellent the product is.

Modern tendencies are so that people are no longer interested in “to buy and go home”, the feeling of walking pursue is so-so one. Buyer is ready and really want to continue dialogue after purchasing: it may be feedback about the product, some questions about use or some other questions and ideas. The buyer is likely to come with them to the place where he bought the product – so, an affiliate has really some work to do.


affiliate marketing

Is everyone present?

One more participant in this line is an affiliate network
To be honest, you are unlikely to find an affiliate who has an audience that will perfectly meet all your requirements. It means that the broader features you have, the easier it is to sell it.

Networks, that is good both for seller and promoter, has a lot of goods and it’s a great chance they will find something suitable for you.

Affiliates, who have already become a skilled hand at the area, can take several products for promotion – either from the same niche or from different. However, if you have just succeeded with one brand and now have some time, we recommend taking something similar. It will take less time to adjust the processes and avoid reoccurrence of faults or misunderstanding.


Where is your income?

As any business which you start from scratch – earning one hundred dollars is already a good result, especially if you spend just an hour or two for it. It really takes more time and some pain in the neck, but it’s really a good option if you don’t have your products or services and want to get some profit just by the power of your brains.