9 Reasons Why You Should Include Ragi Mudde in your Diet

ragi mudde

Have you heard the soulful song of the great Vaishnav saint, Purandaradasa?, “Raagi tandira, bhikshege raagi tandira; Yoga rage, boga ragi.” If so, then you know the health benefits of Ragi.

Now, coming to the present, ancient grains have gained prominence after 2015. In fact, you are going back to the very roots of food culture. The ancient food system made your ancestors remain strong, healthy and fit. The scientific reports, in recent times have detailed health benefits on small grains. Example, barley, brown rice and ragi. Now, the urban populace have included brown rice, ragi and barley in their normal diet. In this article, you gain information on the advantages of ragi mudde. You also get to know the reason for this dish being a vital ingredient of the diet in South Karnataka.


ealth benefits of ragi mudde

Technology has changed every aspect of human life, so can traditional food be far behind? The rough pages of history have gulped some recipes. But ragi mudde survived the onslaught of national and international recipes.

What is Ragi Mudde?

There are certain dishes and recipes that symbolize the culture of a place. You do not find it attractive, nor have you seen it in the web. But, when you ask the local populace, you find that the recipe is so entrenched in their culture. Not speaking about the benefits of the dish will amount to challenging their cultural identity.

In Karnataka, the State known for its friendliness to other religions, cultures and the land of greenery, ragi mudde is very popular. The main constituent of ragi balls is ragi flour. In fact, unless you have the passion, it is very hard to prepare this dish. But, the dish is different from others. You cannot eat it like a chappathi or a akki rotti. You have to break it into little pieces and then swallow with curry. Will you believe, that in districts such as Mandya and Hassan, the person who eats the largest number of ragi balls gets a hefty prize?


ealth benefits of ragi mudde

The Reason For Its Fame

H D Deve Gowda, known as the “Son of the Soil” served as the Chief Minister of Karnataka, (1994 to 1996). Then, he remained as the Prime Minister of India (1996 to 1997). In fact, the credit for popularizing the dish to the entire Indian population and the world goes to him. It was, during his stint, that the Press and politicians got to know of this wonderful dish. It is well-known that Deve Gowdaru, relished this dish every day. He had a separate cook imported from his hometown for preparation in Delhi.

health benefits of ragi mudde

Benefits and Advantages of including Ragi mudde in the diet

1. Weight Loss

Do you have that extra flab in your waist? Are you on a diet? Then you can include ragi ball in the dishes. It contains the rare amino acid known as Tryptophan known for reducing the appetite. They also contain protein and healthy carbs. The high fiber content in the ragi balls can reduce the hunger pangs. The biggest benefit is, presence of low unsaturated fats which make it ideal for a weight loss recipe.

2. Good For Bones

It makes the bones strong. Ragi contains Calcium with Vitamin D in large amounts. A regular consumption of ragi balls during the old age, helps to prevent osteoporosis. The vitamins and amino acids assist in maintaining the metabolic rate. They also boost the development of growth hormones for proper health. The dietary fibers help to maintain proper digestion. It also enhances the circulation of blood in the body. It also helps to smoothen movements of bowel and better metabolism.


3. Diabetics

Many youngsters suffer from the ill-effects of diabetes in recent times. This dish reduces the symptoms of the disease as well gastrointestinal disorders. The main reason is because of fibers and polyphenols. The fiber content lowers the sugar level and the rate of digestion. The low glycaemic index prevents overeating and unwanted cravings in the midnight.

4. Reduces Cholesterol

The amino acids present in ragi can bring down the cholesterol levels. They eradicate the unwanted fat from the liver. So, the formation of plague levels in the heart and liver gets reduced. In turn, you do not suffer from hypertension and heart-related diseases.

ragi mudde
Credits – Cookwithkushi

5. Anemia

Do you suffer from exhaustion after doing simple work? Do you feel a drainage of energy? No, it is not the planets which are in the wrong orbits, but the level of iron in your body. To remain healthy, you should have adequate amount of hemoglobin in the body. Deficiency in the haemoglobin levels gives rise to anemia and body weakness. A regular consumption of ragi mudde helps in restoring the blood levels to normalcy.


6. Relaxation

It gives the body relaxation. Persons suffering from negative feelings can include ragi balls in their daily diet. Antioxidants present in ragi, promote positive feelings in the body.

7. Cools The Body

The dish keeps the body cool in the summer season. It also wards off the diseases associated with the hot weather.

8. Lactation

Have you recently delivered a baby? Then a ragi ball can do wonders to your’s as well the baby’s health. Other than being a rich source of vital nutrients, it also helps to produce milk in the lactating mother. And the milk will be rich in calcium, iron and other amino acids.

9. Skin Age

The nutrients create collagen responsible for helping the tissues to get repaired. In fact, the skin becomes lustrous after eating the ragi balls.



Have you seen the sequels of Arnold Schwarzenegger film “Terminator”. There is a famous statement in the film, “I am back.” In similar terms, the grains have also made a comeback in the Indian diet. A few years before, the century old diet recipes escaped from the diet scene. This was because of snacks and bakery items. But the cycle has changed. The public have become more aware of the benefits of our ancient food habits. We, at Metrosaga, strive to bring a fine balance between the medicinal benefits of ancient food as well the health benefits of the manufactured food products.

Contributed by Satyanarayana, Bengaluru.

Did you find the article helpful? Do you know some more medicinal advantages of ragi balls? Then please let us know in the comments below.

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