Adnan Sami Slams Imran Khan Over His Comments About Muslims Living in India

Famous singer Adnan Sami took to Twitter to show his rage to Pakistan PM Imran Khan over his comments about CAA and NRC along with his speculation about Muslims living in India. The debate of CAA and NRC has been going on in India for the last couple of weeks with the whole issue gaining a lot of heat due to protests emerging in cities like New Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Pune.

When Imran Khan showed his dismay on the bills and acts proposed by the Indian government (acts like CAA and NRC), Twitter stormed Pak’s leader with messages which said that he should mind his country first and then look towards India.


Adnan Sami was also one of those people who put Imran Khan’s statements to the fire pit and said, “And much to your disappointment, Muslims are very proud and happy here”, when Imran Khan implied that Muslims in India were not happy.

Adnan Sami was a citizen of Pakistan until 2015 but his career was active in India mostly. He was granted citizenship in 2015 and ever since then, he has been an ardent Indian. His tweets on his feed are mostly of just him defending CAA and NRC.