Actress Meghana Raj Pens An Emotional Tribute To Late Actor And Husband Chiranjeevi Sarja

It has been a month since Kannada actor Chiranjeevi Sarja passed away. Yesterday, his wife and actor Meghana Raj posted a family photo and penned a beautiful tribute to her husband and late actor.

The family photo had a picture of Chiranjeevi Sarja in the background. Along with the photo, she wrote how Chiranjeevi Sarja was someone who celebrated life and was a reason for all their smiles. The picture has all the women in the family dressed in finery and smiling happily at the camera. She wrote,


“My Dearest Chiru, Chiru is a CELEBRATION..has always been, is and will always be. I know you wouldn’t have liked it any other way! Chiru, the reason I smile..what he has given me is most precious..MY FAMILY..the JUST US..together we will always be for all eternity baby ma and each day will be just the way you like it! Filled with love, laughter, pranks, honest and most importantly Togethereness WE LOVE YOU BABY MA!”

Another Emotional Note

Chiranjeevi sarja (1)

On 19th June, Meghana had posted another moving post on her Instagram profile dedicated to her late husband. In the heartwrenching post, she wrote,

“Chiru, I have tried and tried again but I am unable to put in words what I want to tell you. All the words in the world cannot describe what you mean to me. My friend, my lover, my partner, my child, my confidante, my HUSBAND – you are much more than all of this. You are a piece of my soul Chiru. An unfathomable pain shoots through my soul every time I see the door and you don’t walk in shouting ‘I am home’. There is a sinking feeling in my heart when I can’t touch you every minute of every day. Like a thousand deaths, slow and painful. But then, like a magic spell, I feel you around me. Every time I feel weak, you are around me like a guardian angel. You love me so much that you just couldn’t.”

On the 2nd of June, Chiranjeevi Sarja passed away in a private hospital in Bengaluru following a cardiac arrest.



Source: The News Minute