Actor Vrajesh Hirjee Recites Powerful Draupadi Poem That Is Perfect For Our Time


The gang-rape of a 19-year-old woman has left the nation shocked again and has left average Indians screaming for justice. Many people took to social media and trended #DalitLivesMatter.

Hindi film and television actor Vrajesh Hirjee recently posted a video on Twitter where he recited a poem of Pushyamitra Upadhyay called ‘Suno Draupadi Shastr Utha Lo Ab Govind Na Aaenge’. The poem speaks about the atrocities against women in Indian culture and society. The poem calls the Indian women Draupadi and asks Draupadi to stop waiting for someone to save her. The poem says that because nobody is looking out for her anymore, it is upon her to respond to the violence against her.


The video of Vrajesh Hirjee reciting the poem has gone viral. Here’s what people said about the poem.