Actor Sonu Sood Came Like ‘God’ for Migrant Workers; Twitterati Calls Him ‘A Real-Life Hero’

Sonu Sood

Because of the nationwide lockdown continuing for the fourth phase as the coronavirus pandemic refuses to budge, the migrant laborers continue to suffer from lack of a roof over their heads, lack of food to eat, and lack of money to stay or travel to their native states.

The migrants, having lost their jobs due to the lockdown, have been walking thousands of miles by foot to reach their states without having any alternate options. There have been many reports of migrant laborers being killed in train accidents, bus, and truck accidents. The gut-wrenching visuals of workers being broken down due to exhaustion, low morale and disappointments have spread across social media.


One of the many people who have helped the migrants to reach their home safely is the actor Sonu Sood. The actor has been working relentlessly in order to organize the transport for hundreds of migrants. The actor has also been compassionately helping those who are reaching out to him on Twitter.

The Twitter is all full of praises to the actor. Here are some of the tweets.