Actor Ravishankar Gowda Shares A Picture And The Health Condition Of SPB Sir From ICU

Yesterday, actor Ravishankar Gowda shared a picture from the ICU and said that veteran singer SP Balasubramaniam is healthy.

SPB had tested positive for COVID-19

A couple of weeks ago, SP Balasubramaniam released a video saying that he was healthy and doing well. The singer had also revealed that he had tested positive for COVID-19. Before that, SPB was admitted to a hospital after observing a few symptoms of the virus.


However, it has been reported that in the last two days, the veteran singers’ health has deteriorated. A few reports also suggest that SPB has been put on life support and is battling for his life.

Ravishankar Gowda shares important news

Celebs across South India and the country started wishing the singer for a speedy recovery. It is understandable that many were anxious, and amidst this, Silli Lalli fame Ravishankar Gowda shared a picture that settled the nerves of the fans of the singer.

The actor posted a picture of SP Balasubramaniam from the ICU of a hospital in Chennai. In the picture, SPB is seen flashing a ‘thumbs up’. Ravishankar also captioned the photograph saying that the singer is not so critical now and that the information was genuine.


SP Balasubramaniam is the synonym for vocals in the southern film industries. He has lent voice to hundreds of songs, and has gained numerous followers for his extraordinary skills. In Kannada too, SPB is a well-known name for his songs, and shows on television.