Actor Dhananjay Sparks Controversy With Chakravarthy Sulibele Over A Retweet, Releases A Video Later

Dhananjay Chakravarthy Sulibele
Courtesy: OneIndia

Daali Dhananjay who impressed with his on-screen acting in the recent hit Popcorn Monkey Tiger has now earned the title of ‘hero’ off-screen too by taking a stance against Chakravarthi Sulibele on Twitter.

Italy has been one of the worst-hit countries after China in the global COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier in the week, horrific reports emerged from the country describing the war-like situation in its hospitals where the doctors have to choose who is going to get the treatment and who doesn’t due to the shortage of beds and treatment facilities.

Tweeting one of the articles regarding this, popular figure Chakravarthy Sulibele wrote ‘Jesus loves all’ in his tweet possibly taking a dig at Christianity. Twitter was quick to recognize the bad taste in which the tweet was made and slammed Sulibele. Even ardent followers of Sulibele refused to justify the statement.

Dhananjay Tweet
Courtesy: Twitter

Daali Dhananjay, on the ladder of rising stardom, replied to Sulibele’s tweet by quoting the popular poet Siddayya Puranik – ‘Before becoming anything, embrace humanity first.’ His stance on the matter seems to have won hearts across political wings. This is perhaps the first time a contemporary Kannada actor has put forth a ‘brave’ opinion. Naturally, there was opposition to his tweet as people asked him to ‘just act’ and mocked his morality by comparing his real-life persona to his on-screen characters.

On Wednesday, Dhananjay released a video across social media platforms clarifying his statement. In the video, he explains the intent behind the tweet being the need to highlight the importance of fighting the novel coronavirus together and condemned any kind of sarcasm being made upon the deaths of people.

He also stressed the need to uphold medical science and science in general in times like this. He also lauded the efforts of medical professionals and the government in containing the situation.

Chakravarthy Sulibele also later justified his statement and stood by its referring to the Vatican City that is known to convert thousands into Christianity and yet failing now to help them.

Even though the roles that made him popular might be negative, Dhananjay has earned the respect of many with this gesture.