ACT 1978: Sandalwood Braces Itself For The First Theatrical-Release In The COVID-Era

act 1978
act 1978

Very recently, the Government sanctioned the opening of cinema halls across the nation. Sensing a lukewarm response, the theater owners and the producers chose to screen old and already released films at their premises. In Karnataka, films such as Tagaru, Love Mocktail, and Dia were released in this manner.

Act 1978 the first film to have a direct theatrical release after lockdown

While the trend of direct release on OTT platforms picked up pace in current months, many were prying to know which film would have a straight theatrical release. It so occurs that Mansore’s Act 1978 would own this distinction. The film is all set to hit the screens on November 20th. This way, the film becomes the first South Indian movie to release at theaters in the COVID era.


Directed by National Award Winning director Mansore, Act 1978 boasts of a grand star-cast. Led by Yagna Shetty, the film also features prominent actors like Pramod Shetty, Shruthi, Sanchari Vijay, B Suresha, Achyuth Kumar, Avinash, and Sudha Belawadi. Produced by D Creations, the makers recently released the trailer and based on the first impression,we can understand the level of confidence the team has in their product.

A trailer that would lure you to the theaters

Well, the product has to be really tempting if people have to step into the cinema halls. By the first looks of it, it seems that the makers of Act 1978 have got it spot on. They have cut a really neat trailer, very much comparable to the best-ever in the industry.

Lasting for around 2 minutes 45 seconds, the trailer does not hide the fact the movie falls into the hostage-thriller genre. It seems that a clear structure was imbibed into this short clip. It starts by establishing a government office, and then later on moves to showing the protagonist. The premise is established, and the director could have easily held himself back here.



However, he goes a step further, and this makes the trailer special. The after-effects of a hostage-situation are given a look-in, and it is here that the film’s strength comes into the picture. The brilliant actors at work make sure that your attention does not drift away.

Technically as well, the film claims quality. The cinematography by Satya Hegde appears crisp while the BGM sounds adequate and suitable. The production values also appear top-notch. With so many positive aspects, Act 1978 does look worthy of a visit to theaters.