ACT 1978 Opens to Sensational Reviews For Its Story And Some Of The Impeccable Performances

Sandalwood has officially opened its account in the post-COVID era. Theaters across the state have welcomed the release of ACT 1978, the first film to release directly after a forced break of the cinema halls. 

A right start to a new era

It is said that a job well begun is half the job done. Sandalwood is lucky in this aspect, as ACT 1978 has paved the pathway for movies to release in this new world. The trailer of the film has already impressed the audience and going by the talents involved in the making of this cinema, we can be sure of a spectacle in the theaters.


Directed by Harivu and Naticharami fame Mansore, ACT 1978 boasts of a stellar star-cast. While Yagna Shetty plays the protagonist, the film also has Pramod Shetty, Shruthi, Achyuth Kumar, and others in prominent roles. The film is slated for a release on November 20th.

Sensational reviews from the Premier Show

A premier show of the movie was held on November 19th at Veeresh Cinemas in Bengaluru. Media professionals and personalities from Sandalwood took part in the show. A few from the lucky bunch have already spoken about the film.

A hostage drama, ACT 1978 has extracted comparisons with classics in this genre. It is said that the film managed to keep the viewer engaged with a tight screenplay, coupled with brilliant acting displays and sound performance from the technical departments. 


Audience have liked the film too

While the critics were impressed with the film, the viewers also shared the same opinion. Many were in awe of the story while the stellar star-cast also received praises. The makers were also appreciated for daring to release in theaters and also for bringing an important subject to the audience.

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