Sachin Tendulkar Gets A Shave From Two Girls Dressed As Boys To Run Father’s Barber Shop


When you do something different it automatically attracts attention and even popularity at times. And when the same thing gets associated with a celebrity, its fame increases manifold. The same thing happened when Sachin Tendulkar, the “God of  Indian Cricket,” went to “The Iconic” barbershop run by two girls, Jyoti, and Neha in UP.

These two girls have been running the barbershop of their father for around four years disguised as boys when their father became sick.

sachin tendulkar barber shop

Jyoti And Neha Led Very Tough 4 Years  

Life became very much tough for both the girls when their father who ran a barbershop in a village became sick in 2014. He could not continue work and for their family, the only means of income was the barbershop.

That is when Jyoti and Neha stepped up and decided that they will do everything possible to ensure that the flow of money does not stop. Even though the girls merely 13, and 11 at that time were willing to work as barbers, they knew that men will not be okay with getting a cut or a shave from them.

So, Jyoti and Neha decided to give themselves a short cut like boys, acted like them and also named themselves Deepak and Raju to ensure that they keep on getting customers. Four years later, the sisters have successfully broken the gender stereotypes and through hard work have finally revealed their true identity to the world.   

Sachin Got His First Shave From Girls

Ever since then, these two girls have ensured that the flow of money continues enough to keep their family afloat. Importantly, while doing so these girls are also completing their education. In one of the interviews, Neha, the younger sister said, “We faced a lot of troubles when we started the job in 2014. Others in the village mocked us but we ignored them and focused on work since we had no other option.”

These girls have become so much iconic with their extraordinary deeds that even Sachin Tendulkar could not resist visiting their barbershop and get a shave. Incidentally, it was the first time ever that someone else was shaving him.

sachin tendulkar barber shop

He was so impressed by Jyoti and Neha that the Numero Uno batsman even shared his picture with them on social media. The girls are already on the road to fame as they are now featuring in a Gillette advertisement. Their story has already gone viral with more than 16 million views.



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