Bengaluru is now the Most Absent Minded Metro City in India, Survey speaks

absent minded metro city

Tit-Bit: Bengaluru is know for so many things and every survey has one or the other things tailored but this time, the city has created a record by managing to end up on top of the list for the most left-behind items in Cabs.

In a survey called ‘Lost and Found Index’, put by a Cab aggregator Uber, it is revealed that citizens in the Garden city are giving competition to Albert Eisntein in terms of absent mindedness. It is said that Bengalurians get more forgetful and report the maximum number of lost items especially during weekends owing to intoxicants and hangover.

absent minded Metro City

Bengaluru has left behind Delhi NCR and Mumbai to become the most absent-minded metro city in the country.

The most left-behind items in Uber cabs are phones, bags, keys, ID Cards, eyewear, and umbrellas. This is usual but as a surprise, people have left more than mundane items wind up in the car seat. Uber drivers have found Wedding gifts, LED television sets, wedding albums, lehengas costing Rs. 20,000 and cheques worth Rs.25,0000.

Survey says that the three most forgetful days in 2017 for Benglaurians came in September (2,9, and 16). Speaking about this index, Sanjay Gupta, Marketing Head, Uber India & SA, said,

“ Our goal is to use this fun and interesting index as an opportunity to educate our riders about the in-app options available to them in case they lose something in an Uber.”

Well, seriously? Bengalurians, you really need to improve your memory. What do you think about this? Please share your views on this index in the comments below.

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