10 All-You-Need To Know Things About Phailwan Movie Starring Kiccha Sudeep


After Hebbuli, the director Krishna and Kiccha Sudeepa have come together for a power-packed sports cinema titled Phailwan. Right from its announcement to release of teaser and posters, the movie is in news and is creating a lot of buzz around. The team has released Kushti teaser of Sudeep performing in an out-and-out as a Phailwan. It looks really amazing while Abhinaya Chakravarthy Sudeep is now will be called as Baadshah Kiccha Sudeepa. There’s a lot of excitement about this project. Here we bring you the curated first-hand information about Phailwan on today’s read.

Sudeep’s First Sports Oriented Cinema

Yes, this is the first time you will see Sudeep playing a sportsman’s role. There are only finger-counting movies of this kind in Kannada cinema. And, as we remember, Dr.Raj had played boxer’s role in Thaayige Thakka Maga which went on to become a blockbuster hit. It is a great move by Sudeep to take up challenging roles like this. Without a second thought, his fan base is really excited to watch him on screen in a different Avatar.



Sudeep as a Wrestler and a Boxer

As per the director, Sudeep will not only be a boxer in the film, but he will also be a wrestler. Going in line with the story, Sudeep’s wrestling scenes will be the major highlight of the movie. In this context, the actor has gone through rigorous training under the guidance of professional boxing and wrestling trainers hired from overseas.


Sudeep’s Heroine

Aakansha Singh has been finalized on the female lead. She will be making her Sandalwood debut through Phailwan. A charming lady who has been active in Hindi TV serials is excited and thrilled to be a part of this project. She has acted in a Hindi movie Badrinath Ki Dulhania and also in a Telugu movie titled Malli Raava.

phailwan star cast

Sultan and Bahubali’s fame Stunt Director for Phailwan

Going with the title and its teaser, it is evident that the movie will be filled with awe-inspiring stunt scenes. To make this possible on screen, the team has roped in the Hollywood stunt director, Larnell Stovall to compose boxing sequences. Though it is his debut in the Kannada Film Industry, Larnell is well-known in Indian Cinema. He has worked in blockbuster movies like Sultan, Bahubali, and Brothers. Also, Larnell’s work can be witnessed in Hollywood movies such as Captain America, Civil War, Dragon Eyes, and Undisputed 3.


phailwan stunt director

Training under the top boxing federations

As Phailwan is an out-and-out boxing movie, Sudeep had to go through a physical transformation to get into the skin of the character. In the case of Sudeep, it is a complete hardcore transformation as the actor is doing this for the first time. In this context, Sudeep got trained for months to get that lean body as demanded by the character. Also, he underwent special training in boxing and wrestling in Thailand under the top boxing federations.

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Technical Department of Phailwan

The film is produced by Krishna’s wife under the banner RRR productions. Phailwan has Arjun Janya’s music and Karunkar’s cinematography. As said before, there is Larnell Stovall for stunts along with Harsha and Imraan Sardhariya in Choreography.


Suniel Shetty and Sushanth Singh in the Ring

Phailwan is one of the high budget Kannada movies and is proving to be right with its every news coming out from the team. Now, it is officially confirmed that Suniel Shetty is a part of the project. Phailwan will be Shetty’s Sandalwood debut and he will be sharing the screen with Kiccha. Also, the director has roped in another Bollywood star Sushanth Singh for an antagonist role. Sushant Singh has already made his mark in Tollywood and it will be interesting to see his role in Phailwan.

facts about phailwan movie

Fights in Hubli, Davanagere, and Overseas

Major boxing scenes are shot in Hubli and Davanagere. A few of the primary scenes are said to be shot overseas. Also, Phailwan is shot in Hyderabad’s Ramoji Film city and in other parts of Karnataka. With Ravi Verma and Larnell in the team, Phailwan’s action sequences will be an absolute treat to watch out for.


Going to be released in 8 languages

Yes, Phailwan will have a PAN India release. Owing to the movie’s demand, the production team has decided to release it in 7-8 languages. If everything goes well then Phailwan will come in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi and Bhojpuri languages.


Phailwan’s Star Cast

Phailwan has an amazing star cast right from Sudeep to Suniel Shetty followed by Kabir Duhan Singh and Aakansha Singh. Also, there is Sharath Lohitashwa, Sadhu Kokila, Chikkanna, and others.

phailwan star cast

So, these were a few interesting things about Phailwan movie. There’s more to come. Watch out this space for the updates.

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