10 Things You Should Know About Konkan Railways That Offers A Tour Of Breathtaking Views


A person who loves to travel by train must definitely travel by Konkan Railways at least once in his lifetime. A short trip to Konkan with this network will expose you to breathtaking views replete with big mountains, amazing greenery, elegant flow of rivers and spectacular cloudy atmosphere. Here are the top 10 things that you must know about Konkan Railways:

1. Konkan Line Connects Three States

The project of Konkan Railways started in 1966 initially with a single line. In October 2015 the announcement about doubling the track was made. Basically, the line connects three states of Karnataka, Goa, and Maharashtra.

2. Numerous Tunnels And Bridges

While you are traveling with Konkan Railways do not be surprised if at every interval of 2 to 3 km you find curving turns and tunnels. The numerous tunnels (2000+) and bridges (90+) most of which are about 60 feet in height are much more as compared to any other part of India.

konkan railways


3. Taking Journey In Two Parts

For those who love enjoying scenic views while traveling by railways, Konkan Railways offer you an option to take trips in two parts. The first trip is from Mumbai to Madgaon in Goa and second is from Madgaon to Mangalore or even vice versa.

Both these trips start in the morning so that you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries without break.

4. Konkan Railways Have No Divisions

Unlike other railway lines, the Konkan Railways do not have any divisions. Rather they have two different regions with headquarters located at Karwar in Karnataka and Ratnagiri in Maharashtra.

The Ratnagiri region covers a stretch of 480 km from Roha to Sawantwadi in Maharashtra whereas the stretch of Karwar begins from Pernem in Goa to Surathkal in Karnataka covering an area of 660 km.  

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5. Fastest Train on Line

The line of Konkan Railways is constructed in such a way that trains with a maximum speed of 160 km can easily run on it. At present Trivandrum Rajdhani Express is the fastest train running on this route which has a maximum speed of 110 km/hour.

6. Partly Owned By State Governments, Central Govt.

Konkan Railway Corporation Limited (KRCL) is the first to build its own railway line after Indian Railways. It is owned partly by the Indian Railways, Government of India, and state governments of Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, and Karnataka.

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7. Runs Parallel To the Arabian Sea And Western Ghats

The Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats are located on either side of the Konkan Railway route which increases the beauty of the overall journey.

8. Scenic Spots Along The Route

The route that extends for 700 km and more covers natural beauties in the form of sea, mountains, and rivers. Travelers can catch the amazing scenic beauty on this route that includes Zuari River in Goa, lush green Sahyadri Mountains, and Dudhsagar waterfall in Karnataka.  

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9. More Prone To Landslides

Monsoons lead to massive landslides in the Konkan region. The rail route passes through Deccan Plateau which is prone to earthquakes leading to landslides. That is why Konkan Railways have two-time tables- one dedicated for the regular season and another for the monsoon.

10. Train Routes Modified To Increase Tourism

The rail route has been built through clayey soil and rocks which is very difficult. Secondly, the scenic beauty of the place prompted the authorities to modify the route to enhance tourism.

konkan railways

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