10 Things To Know About Gangavathi Pranesh – The Undisputed Entertainer Of Karnataka


Gangavathi Pranesh who is a comedian as known to the world, is an amazing human being, son, father, brother and a wellwisher. Pranesh through his comedy speeches is constantly in an effort to spread the culture and heritage of Karnataka highlighting the beauty and essence of the rich, historic language Kannada. He is renownedly titled as ‘Abhinava Beechi’, which is such an honor to the veteran humorist, who considers Beechi to be his guru and role model.

A lesser-known fact that Pranesh was also a great flutist and classical singer in his yesteryears. He before picking up comedy as his profession has been into various other sectors of employment, hence being well versed in almost all aspects of life. Such a journey has made him strong with experiences of all dauntless strides, life could possibly throw up. Let’s know more about such a charisma, Gangavathi Pranesh; a real gifted personality to Kannada entertainment industry.

#1 Hails from Gangavathi 

Gangavathi Pranesh, also known as Gangavathi Beechi and Junior Beechi is an artist from Gangavathi. Gangavathi is the name of a taluk in the Koppal district of Karnataka, hence called as ‘Gangavathi Pranesh’. He is a stand-up comedian who primarily performs in Kannada, often sharing his life experiences through his hilarious speeches.

Pranesh is the true love and pride of Karnataka but especially of North Karnataka. People of North Karnataka simply consider him to be theirs, and so does he. Imparting his comical speeches in the very ‘North Karnataka’ language he has carved a special place in the hearts of all his fans.

#2 Pranesh has given 3500 Programs in 400 Places Of Karnataka

He is very popular among Kannada speaking population and has traveled to 11 countries such as USA, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, etc to give lectures on humor. The artist has given around 3500 programs in 400 places of Karnataka. Pranesh completely owes all this credit to the sheer knowledge he gained from reading books written by Beechi, T.P Kaylasam, and many such eminent authors.

gangavathi pranesh

#3 Beechi And Dr. Rajkumar Are The Biggest Inspiration

Pranesh was born on September 8, 1961, to B Venkatachar and Satyavathi Bai. He considers Beechi – a well-known writer in the Kannada language, to be his ideal guru. Pranesh says he never saw Beechi but solely his books were enough to idealize Beechi as his true teacher.

He once quoted that, his father Venkobachar, who gave him birth, Beechi, who has made way for his daily bread, and Dr. Rajkumar, who is the epitome of inspiration are all in the place of a father to him. Pranesh has also shared a light moment saying that his father was totally opposite to him in nature, hardly smiled and barely humorous. But was an extremely talented flutist, singer and a highly disciplined person.

gangavathi pranesh

#4 Pranesh has won 30+ Awards And Titles

Pranesh appeared in Kannada talk show ‘Harate’ which got aired on Udaya TV as well as in various Kannada TV reality shows as a special guest. He has won around 30 awards including the Beechi Prashasti, International Arya Bhatta Prashasti, Madhyama Samvahana Prashasti etc. He has been honored with several titles some of them are Kannadada Hasya Ratna, Kannadada Anmol Ratna, Nage Sarvabhouma, Hasya Chatura, Hasya Ranjini, Vagbhushana, Shresta Vakpatu etc.

gangavathi pranesh

#5 Popularity in the State

Gangavathi Pranesh, along with other artists, started giving stand-up comedy performances known as ‘Hasya Utsava’ or ‘Humour Festival’ which grew extremely popular throughout the state. Another remarkable honor was added to his kitty when he was recognized as a stand-up comedian by the legendary ‘The Hindu’ newspaper in Karnataka. He is invited to several functions all over the state as a special guest of honor. Pranesh also holds the achievement of appearing in the Kannada film ‘Mussanjemaatu’ as a comedian.

gangavathi pranesh

#6 Pranesh in Weekend With Ramesh

Pranesh with his extensive popularity was invited as the special guest to the extremely popular Kannada reality show ‘Weekend With Ramesh season 3’. This show was aired on Zee TV Kannada, which is said to have happened on public demand. The show spoke about Pranesh’s life history and his story of success which was indeed inspirational. He also appeared as the celebrity guest in Comedy Khiladigalu. Pranesh is also seen as the judge in the popular Kannada reality show called ‘Kannadada Kanmani’ aired on Zee TV Kannada.

gangavathi pranesh

#7 Pranesh’s Message to his Audience

Pranesh strongly believes in this one hobby of ‘Reading books at all ages’, which he repeatedly conveys as his personal request to audiences at the end of his comedy speeches. He also advises parents to teach children to cultivate the habit of reading books other than their academics, right from the small age. Books pertaining to aspects like life, religion, philosophy, comedy, humor, politics or anything which would interest them. As he believes that general knowledge to kids along with school studies would help them live life with broader and better perspectives. So true isn’t it?.

gangavathi pranesh

#8 The Success Mantra Of Pranesh

Pranesh emphasizes on reading books because he says that all his name, fame, knowledge and mainly the hilarious skills he has procured over the years, is solely from the books written by great authors. Books by his guru Beechi or ‘Gyana Peetha Awardees’ or veteran authors like G.P Rajarathnam, Gundappa, Patil Putapapa, H.M Nayaka, etc are according to him great life lessons to everybody.

This way he claims nothing else but merely books to play a role in the expertise he has today, be it aspects of humor, knowledge, motivational speeches, etc. Pranesh who began his journey as a comedian around 1982-83 is still roaring loud in the world of light entertainment. He completely owes all his achievements to the proficiency and values he has inculcated by reading the life-changing books of great men.

gangavathi pranesh

#9 A Noble Personality

Pranesh also spreads the message of saving Kannada medium schools or government schools stating that children emerging from there are mentally and socially stronger. Such children grow inwardly strong with excellent life skills required to make a living rather than mere degree certificates. He proudly claims to be a Kannada medium government school student himself!. This message is indeed a reflection of his noble personality!.

#10 The One And Only

Pranesh has been praised by audiences and critics alike for his unique style and content, inspired by Beechi. Gangavathi Pranesh has also written 5 books- Nakkava Geddava, Nagisuvavana Novugalu, Vaagbaanagalu, Pranesh Payana, Pranesh Punch.

Some of his comedy shows during festivals called ‘Hasya Mela’ aimed at making spectators laugh or more as a laughing challenge brought him extreme fame and popularity. His jovial shows go widely viral on the internet as people are crazy about his typical style of humor, which simply cannot be duplicated or imitated.

gangavathi pranesh

If you still haven’t had a look at his humorous shows, please do it right away!. Because it is just going to get you to laugh your hearts out, with of course some extremely motivating social messages of his!.

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