Here Are A Few Interesting Things About Chambal Movie Which Is Rumored To Be Based On D.K Ravi’s Life


Be it for a story (rumor) based on the life of late IAS Officer D.K Ravi or owing to its trailer and visuals, this Kannada movie titled Chambal has created an expectation for sure. It is releasing this Friday (Feb 22nd) under the direction of Jacob Verghese starring Satish Neenasam in the lead role. This is for the first time, the actor has essayed the role of an IAS officer, coming out of his stereotype ‘Mandya Boy’ characters. On the other hand, a film by Jacob Verghese will always have something special. Come, let us know a few interesting things about the movie on today’s read.

Chambal is inspired by many IAS officers

Right from its poster release to trailer launch, Chambal is in controversy owing to its scenes relating DK Ravi’s life. The rumors have it that the movie is based on former IAS officer DK Ravi and his death mystery. However, Director Verghese has said that the movie has incidents that are close to DK Ravi’s life but isn’t a Biopic. It is said to be inspired by many IAS officer’s real life with a story that unlocks the concealed truth.

The movie was named ‘Subhash’ Before

Chambal is a story that revolves around a character named Subhash who fights for his people and stands up for their rights. In a way, he is like a freedom fighter who is inspiring and so, the director wanted to name the film Subhash. However, the title wasn’t available and that’s the reason they had to look for an alternative. Why Chambal? “It is a metaphor and also a place from which many dacoits come from which eventually connects to the narrative,” said Jacob.


Chambal has 25 Ninasam actors making for a powerful star cast

Without a second thought, Ninasam is one of the best theatre troupes in the state. And the actors from there come with a sense of magic to impress the audience like never before. When the team was planning the cast of Chambal, it was decided that the movie will have actors who are fresh and never-seen-before. So, Jacob roped in around 25 actors from Ninasam including the lead actor.

Chambal has Achyuth Kumar who plays Baddie and other names include Kailash, Kiran Nayak, Sardar Sathya, Savitha, and Mantesh in primary characters. It also has Lucia Pawan Kumar playing an interesting role.


Unconventional style of film making

Chambal is said to have an off-beat screenplay narrated in a typical Jacob’s unconventional style.

Talking to TOI, Jacob said, “I wanted to make an inspiring film that I would love to watch. Filmmakers are known by the films they make. Marketing and social media presence are all short lived. If a film is good, you can relate to it even a decade later. After Prithvi, a lot of people aspired to be IAS officers. That is something I wanted to bring back.”

The Chambal Trailer is a Hit Online

The trailer of Chambal has become a Hit with 7 lakh + views on Youtube. It was trending #1 with a lot of positive talks thus creating an expectation among the audience.

Will Chambal Stream Online?

Talking to Bangalore Mirror, Sathish spoke about dubbing Chambal to other languages. He said, “Not every film can be dubbed. Chambal has its own nativity that cannot be translated in dubbing.” On the other hand, the actor has revealed that the movie will stream online after its theatrical run.

So, the movie is all set to release carrying a story that takes us through the struggles of honest officers. Do catch Chambal at your nearest theatres and we are sure that it is going to be an interesting one.

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