Abhinav Kashyap Can Be In Legal Trouble After Saying ‘Salman’s Troll Armies From Pakistan Are Back.’

Is there any place for justice in the Bollywood industry? Will there ever be an end to bullying or sabotaging the careers of hard-working actors and directors.

Indian film director Abhinav Singh Kashyap, brother of noted filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, raged a storm after he released a statement on Facebook alleging that he was “bullied” at the hands of Arbaaz Khan, Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, and Salim Khan. He also accused them of sabotaging his career in the industry. Post this, Arbaaz Khan said that “we will take legal action”.


Abhinav Kashyap Controversy
Courtesy: indianexpress.com

Yesterday, he took to Facebook to write that he is being trolled by Salman Khan’s armies.

“Looks like Salman Khan’s troll armies from Pakistan and Bangladesh are back on my Facebook wall. The muck and filth being thrown at me for speaking the truth just goes to show the class of people that patronize the Khans. The Government should seize the properties of the Khans and deport them to Pakistan, Bangladesh. Their trashy ancestors probably didn’t have enough money to move during partition…”

He also said that attempts are being made to hack his account.

“Someone just attempted to log into my email account. Now, this is getting interesting… Why are the Khans getting so rattled…?? What are they hiding..?? Why are they desperate to shut me up..??”

He said he talked to Sonu Sood and he told him, “Bhai Salman Khan ko maaf kar de.”


“With one of my earliest friends and brother in Bollywood, Shri Sonu Sood, a man with a golden heart and courage of a lion. I spoke to him yesterday. And even after all that has happened, he requested me, ‘Bhai Salman Khan ko maaf kar de’. He is so humble even after all his success. But Of course, I denied his request.”