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Aaftab Searched About Anupama Gulati Murder Case Before Committing The Crime

As more and more terrifying details in the Shraddha Walker murder case continue to appear, the police have now found out that the accused Aaftab Amin Poonawala had searched on the internet about the shocking Anupama Gulati murder case, that had shaken Dehradun in 2010.

The Anupama Gulati murder case

The creepy details of how Aaftab Poonawala first strangled Shraddha to death and then chopped her body into 35 pieces, spreading them in different parts of the national capital, are also quite similar to the disclosures made in the 12-year-old murder case that had sent shock waves across the country.


Anupama Gulati was murdered by her husband Rajesh Gulati on October 17, 2010, who then cut her body into 72 pieces and froze them, before dumping them over several days.


The two horrible murders have several details in common. Experts say that they not only reveal the brutality of the killers but also the fact that the murders were intended, and not committed in a fit of rage.

The killers in both cases did not just use a saw to chop the body but also used a fridge or a deep freezer to hide the pieces and the foul smell.


Similar things about the two murders

Just as Walker’s killer Aftab Poonawala kept going to the forest area of Chhatarpur after midnight to dispose of the body parts, Anupama Gulati’s husband Rajesh Gulati went to the Mussoorie diversion on Rajpur Road for days to dump them in a drain.

Several sources revealed that Rajesh Gulati used to take the body pieces along when going to drop his children at school and throw them in the forests along the Mussoorie-Dehradun road.

In Shraddha’s case, Aaftab told investigators that he was inspired by the American crime show ‘Dexter’ to hide the body parts. In Anupama’s case also, her husband Rajesh had taken a clue from a foreign movie.


In both cases, the killers were smart enough to not let any of their neighbors know of the horrifying crime for months.

Anupama Gulati’s husband deceived her family and friends by sending them messages from her mail ID. Poonawala kept updating Shraddha Walker’s social media status for weeks.

Anupama was killed on October 17, 2010, but it came to light on December 12, 2010. It came to the forefront when her brother lodged a police complaint after having failed to make contact with his sister for several days. Anupama Gulati’s husband, software engineer Rajesh Gulati, is serving a life sentence.


Meanwhile, in Shraddha’s case, a friend informed her brother about her phone being not reachable after which her father approached the police and lodged a missing complaint.