A White-topping Project For 1.9km Stretch In Bengaluru Has Cost Karnataka Government A Whopping Rs 14 crore

source: deccanherald

The white-topping project along a 1.9km stretch in Bengaluru has cost Karnataka Government a whopping Rs 14 crore. In a sector of the city’s infrastructure development, the road development project has become the most expensive work in the entire state.

Costliest white-topping work

Rs 13.9 crore of the estimated cost for the white-topping project, Rs 70,531 is charged for each meter which also includes GST and maintenance components. The road starting from Seshadripuram First Grade College to Aroma Bakery in Yelahanka is just 7.5 meters wide.


source: deccanherald

However, the project proposal still needs to clear BBMP’s state government’s scrutiny. Civic engineers have said that a sum of Rs 13.9 crore could help achieve much more than just white topping.

The authorities believe that which such money one could develop a high-density corridor. “The estimated cost is what we generally incur on roads which are 21 meters wide. The one is Yelahanka is only 7.5 meters wide,” an engineer said.

source: swarajya

Other road infrastructure project

The road infrastructure project will also include carriage improvement (4.3 crore), traffic signs markings and other road appurtenances (Rs 13 lakh), utility ducts, lines, power crossover chambers and sewer chambers (Rs 2.6 crore), rainwater harvesting (Rs 14 lakh), roadside drain (2.6 crore), footpath improvement Rs (1.8 crore) and dismantling work (Rs 42 lakh).


source: Deccan

The report also says that maintenance will cost 2.5% of the construction budget, which is around 30 lakh, and GST components of 12% and other changes, including for quality control, will push up, the bill further.

Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa ordered an inquiry into alleged cost escalation.