A Video Of Sonam Kapoor Saying ‘I Haven’t Watched Sushant Singh Rajput’s Films’ Is Now Going Viral

While people are still digesting the shocking demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, the whole topic has now taken a twist, with nepotism coming into the picture. 

The debate about nepotism

A few netizens believe that it is because of the dominance of nepotism in the industry that Sushant fell into depression. However, recently, Sonam Kapoor slammed those who were calling out Sushant’s colleagues and friends as the reason for his death.


Following this, Sonam Kapoor, herself a Starkid, was brutally trolled by the netizens. Amidst this, a user has pulled out an old video of the actress from ‘Koffee With Karan’ which shows the ‘double standards’ of Sonam.

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The video going viral

In one of the seasons of ‘Koffee With Karan’, Karan Johar asks Sonam to rate actors as Hot or Not. Karan takes Sushant’s name and Sonam’s first reaction is ‘Huh?’ Soon she adds saying, “I mean I haven’t seen his films. So I don’t know”.


Twitterati is now lashing out at the actress, and even Karan Johar, for their casual ignorance of Sushant. They are also accusing Karan and the other starkids of bringing favoritism into the industry. Here is how a few users reacted to Sonam’s video, and the show in general:

It is high time that such instances happening in Bollywood, or be it in any other industry that values talent. Nepotism is a serious threat, and it needs to be halted immediately.

Source: Times of India