A Twitter User Asked The Meaning Of ‘Ma*arc*od’. Urban Dictionary Gave The Most Funniest Reply

Urban Dictionary is a well known online dictionary platform that helps people understand slang words and phrases. People usually tag the Urban dictionary on Twitter to know the Jargon words. In reply, it comes up with the definition and meaning of the word. However, the online platform seems to have created a laugh amongst social media users when asked about a typical Indian dialect word.

Urban dictionary and its meaning are just ROFL

Recently, a twitter account holder asked Urban Dictionary the meaning of “mad*r c*od”. The guy had asked here the meaning of a typical Hindi abusive word. The crowdsourcing online dictionary was quick enough to reply on his tweet and came up with an answer that almost turned the twitter into ROFL. Surprisingly,  Urban Dictionary replied that the meaning of “mad*rch*d” is the Cricket Team of Pakistan.


Username “@average_ladka,” wrote Madarchod @urbandictionary

In reply, Urban Dictionary tweeted ” Madarchod: The cricket team of Pakistan”

Let us see how people reacted