A Techie Was Brutally Attacked For Not Responding In Kannada, Police Found Out A Different Story

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A Techie from Bihar was brutally attacked for not responding in Kannada. 4 men assaulted him in Hongasandra after communication went wrong between them.

Attack for not responding in Kannada

This incident took place in Hongasandra last week as 4 men assaulted a man from the residents for not responding in Kannada. According to a detail shared by the Police department, the victim had beaten up the guy for not responding in the local language.


Raj Aryan hailing from Bihar was hanging out near his house at 11:30 pm speaking on his phone. Four men stopped Aryan and asked him an address in Kannada. Aryan unknown to the language denied understanding the language. The four men, who have been claimed for being high on alcohol, assaulted the techie for not understanding the language. Aryan suffered an injury in his ear and was left bleeding abundantly. The 24-year-old then went on dialing 100 to alert the police of the incident. Surprisingly, the victims did not run away from the spot and were present when the patrol police arrived.

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Aryan told in a statement, “I don’t know why those boys assaulted me. I was speaking on the phone when they asked me something in Kannada. I couldn’t understand what they were asking me, so I told them that I’m an outsider and don’t understand the local language. All of a sudden, they became furious and assaulted me.”

Aryan had claimed that those people were high on Alcohol and the men had not come to snatch his money or phone.


A different picture of the story

However, after a detailed inquiry, Police had a different version of the story. The police said, “the four accused were from Chamarajanagar and were looking for an address. They saw Arun and asked him about it in Kannada. The techie got irritated and scolded them something in Hindi, which he admitted it to the police. Due to which the fight broke out between them.”

The accused are taken under custody and a Fir is registered under section 341, 323, 504.

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