A Techie in Bengaluru Shared A Story Of His Ola Ride, Which Is Now Winning the Internet

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In the past couple of years, the use of cab aggregators in the city has seen a dramatic rise. People nowadays avoid crowded trains, buses and look for cab services for traveling around the city. However, in recent times these great services also carried certain bans. There have been many cases reported about a troublesome ride by a customer while opting to travel in UBER, OLA or any other services. In this context, moving over all the distress stories, a Bengaluru resident has shared one of his good experiences with OLA which is worth sharing.

Humanity does exist

Sayuj Ravindran, who happens to be a Techie shared an interesting story on Facebook that surely proves that it is always good amongst all odds. Ravindran returning from cousin’s wedding with his family was in K R Puram railway station around 3:30 am wanting to go home in a cab. He uses his phone and books an OLA cab, travels halfway home, and then, unfortunately, the car tire gets punctured. As the car couldn’t continue the journey, the driver requests him to book another cab since it would have taken some more time for him to replace the tire. Right after 10 minutes, he took another cab to reach his home.


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While he was almost home, he gets a call from the previous driver stating that he has left behind his handbag in the car. It was his laptop bag which also carried some valuable things in it.

Beyond all odds

Showing a good gesture, the driver told Ravindran that he will be waiting at the same spot where he can come and collect the bag. But the driver was kind enough to come a little further towards his home while the techie was coming by his car to collect the bag. They finally met each other at Marathahalli bridge and he gave the laptop bag back to Ravindran.

Ravindran revealed that his bag had things worth up to 2.5 lakh Rupees and he was grateful to the driver for returning his valuable stuff. The driver name is Mr. Khateeb Ur Rahman and his actions showed that humanity is above all religion. Khateeb refused to take any money from Ravindran in return for the favor and got back into his cab. But he did manage to slip in the money into the driver’s jacket pocket forcefully showing the sign of thankfulness.


source: facebook

Returning after my cousins wedding, I took an Ola cab (with my family) from K R Puram railway station to home at around…

Posted by Sayuj Ravindran on Monday, 16 September 2019