A Survey Says Bengaluru Tops Indian Cities In Ordering Food Online; Biryani Is The Favorite

With the advancement in technology, people look over smartphones for every work to be done. From paying online bills to buying grocery products, everything being ordered is from smartphones.

With a huge number of young IT professionals and office professionals working in big cities, it is hard to find time to prepare food. This is where online food delivery in the city comes to the rescue.


On a recent study by the National Restaurant Association of India, it reveals on an average, Bengaluru orders Rs 3,536 worth of food per month, compared to the national average of Rs 2.500. Interestingly, the green city also has the third- largest organized foodservice market at Rs 20,014, after Delhi (Rs 31,132 crore) and Mumbai (Rs 27,540 crore).

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Bengaluru’s Crave for Food

On a percentage, 26.6% of Bengalureans ordered North Indian food, while 10.8% chose Biryani and only 10.1% went for South Indian non-home food. The survey found that a larger majority in the city is willing to experiment with fusion food, apart from regular cuisines. On a note, Bengaluru also has the third-largest restaurant network with 17,931 eating places.

Ethiopian, Korean and Japanese food are amongst favored cuisine customers look for in Bengaluru. South Indian dishes are regular at home, maybe that’s why people in the city tend to steer away from when it comes to eating out.


The highest type (48%) of restaurants in the city are quick-service restaurants with the number being 8,564. The popular eat-outs like cafes are also in large numbers in the city. Bengaluru is said to have 2,346 popular eat-out cafes in terms of popularity, very next to quick service restaurants. When it comes to sweets and dessert, Bengaluru also has 838 dessert and ice cream outlets which are jaw-dropping.

Source: TOI