A New Website Dedicated To The Lies Of Rahul Gandhi Launched, Aims To Expose Him

Rahul Gandhi (3)

A new website has surfaced the internet which is causing laughter and havoc on social media. The news media outlet, OpIndia, has created an extension to their website called Rahul Gandhi lies which aims to document all the lies by the former Congress leader.

It is no secret that politicians and political parties fall prey to fake news on social media which they never bother to verify before posting. Most politicians have been caught in the fake news huddle which usually takes a toll on the political discourse. Rahul Gandhi has been no different. Off late, Rahul Gandhi has been a staunch critic of the ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party.


Rahul Gandhi (1)
Courtesy: Wall Street Journal

The site aims to document the fake news or the lies spread by the former Congress President. It has already documented some and promises to continue in the future. The lies that have been documented in the site have fake news that was spread by Gandhi about the government making a profit of Shramik Trains. The site also claims that Gandhi made congress workers and non-residents act as Ladakhis. It also has debunked claims of Gandhi’s aides and those in proximity with him.

Site Modelled On Another Site

However, the site doesn’t seem to have consistency. It looks like a site dedicated to Rahul Gandhi as there are many opinion articles on the site that claims to fact-check Gandhi’s lies. The site also resembles another website called modilies.in which was launched a few years ago that has documented the lies by Prime Minister Modi ever since he assumed office in Delhi.

There has been no reaction by the Indian National Congress or Rahul Gandhi himself yet. It is to be seen how they react to this.