A New Twist? A Whatsapp Chat Shows That SSR’s Family Was Aware Of His Depression In 2019

The case of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death is taking unexpected turns every day. While CBI is on their job, here is an interesting revelation that could push the case towards a new direction.

SSR’s family was aware of the actor’s depression?

Until now, Sushant’s family has maintained the stance that they were not aware of the actor’s depression. However, the recent Whatsapp chat snapshots doing the rounds on social media prove otherwise.


As per this chat, Sushant’s sister Neetu Singh is discussing the actor’s depression with his manager Shruthi Modi on November 26th,2019. In the chat, Neetu Singh apparently asks Shruthi for the prescriptions for the treatment and also says that she wants to meet the doctor who is treating Sushant. Later, Shruthi Modi shares the prescription to Neetu Singh.

Courtesy: Zee News

This revelation could be a massive twist

All the while, SSR’s family has been on the side of the arguments which dismissed suicide by depression as the cause for the death. With this chat, it can be concluded that Sushant’s sister was aware of her brother’s condition.

The authenticity of these snapshots on one side, it has been reported that Neethu Singh and her husband OP Singh have been called by CBI to record their statements on August 31st. Further developments would get notified only after Monday.


Meanwhile, CBI has involved themselves completely in the case. While Rhea Chakraborty is being questioned for the last three days, close associates of Sushant – Siddharth Pithani, cook Neeraj, house help Deepesh Sawant are also being interrogated by CBI.

Source: Zee News