A Muslim Couple In Kerala Organized A Temple Wedding For Their Adopted Hindu Daughter

A Kerala Muslim couple celebrated the wedding of their adopted Hindu daughter in a Hindu temple. This might sound unusual to many, but the incident has earned a lot of appreciation on the internet for the heartwarming gesture.

An incident from a small town in Kerala

In Kasaragod district, a Muslim couple Abdulla and Khadeeja married their adopted Hindu daughter Rajeshwari at the Manyott temple.


Rajeshwari’s father Saravanan was a coolie worker and had worked regularly at Abdulla’s farmland at Kunnariyam. Alon with the father, Rajeshwari was also close to Abdulla and his wife due to close attachment.

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Unfortunately, Rajeshwari’s parents passed away when she was just 7. She was adopted immediately by Abdulla who took care of her until now. Rajeshwari spent her childhood along with Abdulla and Khadeeja’s three sons.

A marriage proposal to Rajeshwari

The 22-year-old received a marriage proposal from a boy named Vishnu, after which Abdulla and his family chose to visit his residence.


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The groom’s parents, Balachandran and Jayanthi requested that the wedding should take place at a temple. Agreeing to the call, both families chose the Manyottu temple in Kanhangad where people from all religions are permitted.

Abdulla’s relatives, including his 84-year-old mother Safiyumma, also arrived at the temple to attend the wedding.

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Rajeshwari finally tied the knot with Vishnu Prasad in the presence of family and friends belonging to both Hindu and Muslim communities.