A Music Band In Bengaluru’s Pheonix Market City Mall Attacked For Not Performing Kannada Songs

A Musical band last week, were brutally attacked for not performing Kannada songs in Pheonix Marketcity. It is reported that a group of the mob who were told to be drunk attacked a Bengaluru-based band who were performing in the Mall located in White Field.

Bengaluru based band attacked by a drunk mob

The Bengaluru based band is usually known for covering Hindi songs were the victims. This incident took place after the show was officially concluded and the crew was packing their instruments. Two men approached the band members and asked them to perform a Kannada song.


However, the musicians denied the request as they had already packed their instruments and the show was over.  He further argued with them to plug in their instruments. When the band said that they have to check with the sound engineer, he attacked a member with a mic stand.

Victims reveal the incident

Somnath, one of the band members said, “After we were done with our set, two drunk men came and asked us to play more Kannada songs. We told them we had played a few but they insisted that we play more. To entertain their request, we played a Kannada song but all our equipment was disconnected from the sound system by the mall staff. But they insisted that we play with the sound setup, so we asked them to approach the mall staff.”

He alleged, “When the mall staff refused, they went to hit us with the mic stand. Everything was fast, they went to hit our base guitarist Rudra first but barely missed him.” Source


Anubhav Siddharth who was another band member was filming the incident on his camera, suddenly a group of men attacked him with a mic stand injuring his eye and went on destroying his phone. Somnath further said that they have reported the violence to the local police based on evidence. A CCTV footage of the incident captured from a nearby store has been given to the police and they have assured the investigation.