A Man From Agra Celebrates His Bail With Gunshots, Arrested Again

source: toi

If you think your life is worst, think about this guy from Agra who gets out on bail- fires gunshots in celebration-gets arrested again. Call it a tragedy or a comedy, the 35-year-old would have learned not to take things for granted.

Gunfire as celebration 

Jimmi Chaudhary a 35-year-old man is a regular crime offender and has about 20 criminal cases against him. The cases include five attempts of murder, kidnapping, poisoning, forgery, cheating, robbery, theft smuggling drugs, etc.

The police told that he committed crime at the age of 24 and was booked for attempt to murder in Jadsispura police station. He is a graduate from Agra based college and married. Remaining in the custody for seven months, Jimmy, son of a retired army captain, was granted bail after some penalties put on him.

source: toi

After coming out, he celebrated the occasion by firing gunshots in the air and sharing his videos on social media account.

Arrested again

That’s not it, he also smashed a glass bottle on street vendor’s head in Agra giving him some minor injuries.

source: toi

Police again arrested the man under the Sikandra police jurisdiction for carrying rowdy behavior. He was charged under the NDPS act and sent to jail again.“In November, we came across a video in which accused Jimmi was found firing several rounds in the air and drinking beer to celebrate his bail case. Taking cognizance of the matter, a manhunt was initiated against the history-sheeter. During questioning, the accused claimed that in order to boost his image of ‘DON’, he uploaded his videos on social media,” the police said. Watch the video. 



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