A Haryana Doctor Eats Cowdung And Drinks Urine Live On Camera Claiming It ‘Purifies Mind, Body & Soul’

There have been a ton of people in India claiming the miraculous benefits of cow dung and cow urine. This especially started doing the rounds on social media during the pandemic when many people claimed that drinking cow urine can even cure you of the coronavirus or protect you from it. Now, another person has come forward and practically proved how much he believes in its ‘magical powers’ live on camera.

The Man Who went Viral Is A Doctor

A video about this has gone viral where a man who has been identified as Dr Manoj Mittal, from Karnal, Haryana, is seen standing in a cow shelter to talk about the benefits of cow dung and urine. Not only does he praise the cow dung but also picks up a little chunk of it from the shelter and starts eating it.


While eating the cow dung this doctor mentioned how his mother used to break her fast by eating cow dung. But him eating cow dung was not just to remember his mother, he truly believed in the powers of eating cow dung.

He Claims To Have Purified His Body Eating Cow Dung

He went ahead and claimed that eating cow dung purifies our body, mind and soul. He further said that women should eat cow dung for normal delivery and if they eat it, they will never have to go for a cesarean. Not just that, he mentioned how smelling dry cow dung can cure a cold and cough and further eating it can prevent you from harmful traditions coming out of electronic gadgets.

This ‘doctor’ didn’t just stop at cow dung he even drank cow urine. After drinking it, he mentioned how cow urine can cure blood pressure related problems and cure cancer. What’s your opinion about this?



Source : Indian times