A Cafe In Bhubaneswar Offers Free Meal To People In Exchange Of Plastics

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Get free food for half a kilogram of plastic, a cafe in Odisha is providing free meals for people who can bring plastics for recycling. The following exchange will be accessible at all the state-government-run Aahar Centers in the Bhubaneswar City.

Meal for Plastic!

The local civic body, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) in partnership with NGOs has formed this initiative “Meal for Plastic”, which will provide free food for those who bring them plastics for recycling. The initiative is considered under the State government’s Aahar Scheme.


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Citizens now can visit nearby Aahar Center in the city and by delivering half kg of plastics, they can get a free meal for one time. The facility, however, will be available at all the state-government-run Aahar Centers in the Bhubaneswar City.

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“There are a lot of people who collect plastic and some people throw plastics which creates a problem. So we thought to solve both issues with a single mechanism. Now, anyone can go to any of the 11 Aahaar Centers in the city and by giving half a kg of plastics, they can get a meal. This is one of the plastic collection campaigns and food security,” said Prem Chandra Chaudhary, BMC Commissioner.

source: dailyhunt

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Plastics are a danger for the environment

Polythene or Plastic is a substance made to last long. However, only 33 percent of all plastic such as water bottles, bags, and straws – are handled just once and thrown away carelessly. They cannot biodegrade; it divides down into smaller pieces. Fallacious disposal of such plastics will be harmful to the surroundings. Over millions of plastic waste are now killing our oceans, lakes, and rivers and some are hoarding up on land. It is more than ugly and harmful to humans, plants, and wildlife. It is an escalating danger to human beings every day.


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“This project is a little step to preserve the environment and to create awareness among the people regarding Plastic waste. We will gather all the plastic from the Aahar Centers and will recycle it correctly. Moreover, BMC wants to inform people through this initiative that plastic may feed you, so don’t throw plastic on roads, just collect it and get food.” said Tarana Shayad, Project head Plastic Waste Management, UNDP.

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