A 7 Year Old Has Been Raped And Killed In Tamil Nadu

A  7-year-old girl, JayaPriya was brutally raped and killed in Tamil Nadu by 3 men. People have started raising their voices against this animosity and demand justice for JayaPriya.

Courtesy: YouTube.com

Jayapriya was a 7-year-old girl who lived in Tamil Nadu, India. She was raped and killed. Her body was found in the bushes in puddukotai district in Tamil Nadu. The rape was done by 3 unidentified men and police is looking into the matter. Tamil Nadu is the centre where this number of girl rapes is increasing rapidly. It is true that literacy rate is more in Tamil Nadu but such acts change everything about a place.


Such rapists should be hanged in public, at the centre of the road with live streaming.

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