A 7-Year-Old Cow In Mysuru District Dies After Eating Cracker Stuffed Food

A cow in Karnataka’s Mysuru district was suffered from severe injuries after it ate food that was stuffed with firecrackers. The incident occurred in GB Sarguru Gram Panchayat in HD Kote Taluk.

Talking about the incident, the veterinary doctor of people for animals (PFA) Dr. Amardeep Singh said,


“The cow’s tongue along with the jaw had been blown into pieces and the whole of the larynx was severely damaged. The prognosis for the cow’s survival was very low and dogs were attacking it. Thus, euthanasia was done and the cow was buried.”

The managing trustee of the People for Animals, Savitha Nagabhushan said,

“Our team rushed to the spot along with an ambulance to treat the cow and injected painkillers into it. Several animals have sustained injuries and succumbed due to explosives. We will create awareness among villagers about the harm to animals by placing explosives and educate them about animal protection. Gram panchayats will be roped in for the program.”

Cow (1)

Animal Activist Urges Government To Take Action

As per the villagers, it is very common to stuff firecrackers into food in forest fringes. The explosives are local explosives called Natti Sidimaddu. The reason for planting the explosives is to hunt wild boars for meat and to prevent them from entering agricultural land. The cow which passed away was seven-year-old and belonged to cowherd Narasimhegowda, a villager of Bettadabeedu. He said,

“Usually, we leave the cows to graze in agriculture fields. But due to severe rains, we freed the cows near forest fringes for grazing on Monday. It accidentally ate food packed with explosives and sustained severe injuries around 12.30 pm. I own three cows and this one had given birth to three calves. We regret what has happened.”

This comes in the wake of the death of an elephant in Kerala a few months back. The elephant had also died in a similar way. Deeply hurt by this, Bhavani, an animal lover, has urged the government to take strict action against those who place explosives to catch wild boars.



Source: The Hindu