A 17-YO Rajasthan Teen Becomes The First Indian To Receive Changemaker Award

payal jingad

Youth activist Payal Jangid wins the Goalkeepers Global Goals Changemakers Award by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation held in New York

Payal Jangid is a 17-year-old teenager who made the country proud by receiving the first Changemaker Award from India. She was awarded during the Goalkeepers Global Goals Awards by The Billa and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Payal receiving the award from Amina J Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of UN
Source- Business Insider India

The Changemaker Award supports and honors the accomplishments of young activists, campaigners, and pioneers over the world for motivating social change as indicated by the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations.

Originating from a small village Hinsla, Rajasthan. Payal is known for her work against Child labor and marriage in her village.

She was noticed for her struggle and fight against child marriage first in her own home. When she raised her voice against her parents’ decision to get her married at an early age of 11. She refused and stood against her parents.


And that was when she realized it is not just her fight but of all the kids who are suffering from the same issue. She decided to become a voice for all those who cannot stand for themselves. From that day, she has been a solid supporter of child rights.

Payal works on the problems faced by children like Child marriage, education, labor, etc. She was also elected as a leader of Bal Panchayat in her village. There are 50 kids from different villages who are also working with her.

Payal with her friends tries to convince the citizens to not perform child marriage. And send their children to school. So that they can be literate too. She does this by organizing rallies, putting up posters, painting the walls and also going door to door spreading information.

Payal told, “We had to work hard to make the elders realize that they were prohibiting us from getting our education. I want every child in the world without education to be helped, and given a chance.”


Payal Jangid speaks at the Goalkeepers Global Goals Awards in New York
Source- New Indian Express

Her village comes under the Nobel Prize beneficiary Kailash Satyarthi’s Bachpan Bachao Andolan and is classified as ‘Bal Mitra Gram’. Payal has been working in the direction of making her village children literate under him.

Today, as a child rights advocate, she has been urging youngsters to join together and speak more loudly against any injustice they face.

Her aim is to provide basic education accessible to each and every kid in the world.

For her incredible work, she had also been picked up as a member of the jury for the World’s Children Prize, 2013 and received the Young Achiever Award by Reebok in 2017.