A 15-Year-Old Girl Rows Boat To Reach School Amid Flood In Gorakhpur, Twitter Reacts

Students in our country have been sacrificing many things in their life in order to get a quality education. While many of them are highly privileged, but does not value their facilities. However some are pulling it hard like this girl from UP who is rowing on a boat to school amid the flood in Gorakhpur. A very heart wreckening indeed a great desire to learn from such a young age.

A Girl’s Unfazed Determination

A girl from UP seems to understand the significance of education so well that she didn’t even let the floods take that away from her.  A 15-year-old UP girl’s unfazed determination to study and learn at school has become a source of inspiration for many after pictures of her rowing a boat to school went viral.



While the ongoing pandemic forced students across the nation to attend online classes, class 11th student Sandhya Sahani was unable to do so as she does not have a smartphone. However, when the school opened, floods hit several parts of Gorakhpur, leaving Sahani with limited options.

“I couldn’t take online classes as I didn’t have a smartphone. When schools reopened, floods hit the area so I decided to reach school by boat,” she said. In the video, which is now being widely circulated on social media, Sahani is seen rowing the boat in floodwater to reach her school.

Twitter Melts For This Young Kid


Sandhya hails from a very humble background and unlike other kids she is not at all a privileged like other children. Yet her determination is persistent to acquire knowledge to its true sense. Hats off to this young girl and hopefully so-called leaders help such needy kids in every possible way they can.