A 10 Crore Dining Table! Ashneer’s Luxury Lifestyle Exposed!

Ashneer Grover who was the co-founder of BharatPe has been sacked by the company but now has been under the radar for various reasons. In a recent report, the luxurious lifestyle of him and his wife and his dictator like behavior has been revealed.

Full story 

This is the information coming from the report published by Bloomberg. Apart from the dictator like behavior of him and his wife, Madhuri and Ashneer are called spendthrifts! They upgraded their home for a rented penthouse and renovated another luxury property that they owned. He also purchased a Porsche. Ashneer told multiple people at the company he spent $130,000 (approximately 9.93 crore) on a dining room table, according to the employees.


The report also mentions that Madhuri once threatened a colleague with a salary deduction for making printouts at work. She had also criticized people for the amount of coffee consumed in the office.

One of the employees also reported that Ashneer fired an employee because she was influencing the others with COVID 19 and asking them to wear a mask!

Ashneer and his work came to the notice of BharatPe and a Governance review was provided for. Minutes before the meeting, Ashneer resigned while his wife was sacked before that.