Salutes to this 9-Year-Old Girl Who Spent Her Birthday Savings To Buy 30 CCTV Cameras For Chennai Police

Birthdays being the big days of each one of our lives are celebrated in different ways according to one’s thoughts or desires of how a birthday could be celebrated. Some enhance their birthday celebration by hosting lavish parties, some spending time in orphanages or some donating money to the poor, etc. By now, we might have known quite a number of ways a birthday is cherished, but here’s to a birthday bash never heard off or done before and the most amusing or thought-provoking part of the story is that the unthinkable birthday is only of a 9-year-old!, Yes true! A little small little girl. Please read below to know more about the one and only birthday party like never before!

Srihitha, a gifted child!

What did you ask your parents to gift you when you were 9 or 10 years old?. A cute doll? A cool new gadget or a lovely dress? But here is the story of Nine-year-old, S.Srihita from Chennai studying in class 3 who saved Rs 1.5 lakhs for her birthday celebrations, but used this money for not buying cake or clothes or party, for nothing else but only to donate 30 CCTV cameras to the Chennai Police! Salutes to the little girl’s noble thought!


How it all began?

This all started when the nine-year-old happened to take part in a meeting organized by the Chennai police’s recent ‘Third Eye’ drive to promote traffic safety and to increase accountability of rule-breakers through CCTV cameras, which was near her father’s office. That’s how the little girl got to know the significance of the camera’s and that the CCTV cameras are used to monitor activities of suspects and are extremely important for the cops to catch hold of the culprits to make the city safer.

Her gesture garnered national recognition!

It was then the 9-year-old decided to contribute her bit to the police force initiative. It is a public-private partnership program which aims to install CCTV cameras at every 50 meters interval in Chennai. A few days later, the little girl asked her dad to buy 30 CCTV cameras and donate it to the police department from the money which her father had kept as savings to her birthday celebration. Well but, what leaves me awestruck is the fact that how could or what made the child think so nobly? Such service mindedness at that little age is simply an out of the world gesture, isn’t it?.

The girl was recently awarded for her magnanimous generosity by the Chennai Police at a function held to commemorate the inauguration of the CCTV drive in Chennai. Se h dedication towards police forces. Just not this, H Krishnamoorthy, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Royapettah, Chennai had so much to say in praises to little Srihitha. This is what he had to say,


“I was speaking to Sathyanarayana(Srihita’s father) about CCTV cameras. He may have then spoken about it at home. Srihitha is a fan of former IPS officer Kiran Bedi, who is the Lt. Governor of Puducherry. She spoke to me over the phone and later told her dad that she wanted to donate her birthday savings to the police,”. Krishnamoorthy further added how Srihitha is a big fan of former IPS officer Kiran Bedi and aims to be like her one day.


Now the little girl’s charitable thoughtfullness is like a tight slap to what happened in the government of Tamil Nadu which was reported earlier this month. The project with a 2.69 crore investment, allegedly given to a firm to deliver CCTV cameras at 40 junctions of Chennai in 2011 turned out to be a huge scandal with not a single camera being delivered to any location.

This is utter shamefulness and a matter of humiliation. I am glad that this little girl has put such futile governance to shame. Has the country really reached a stage where the little ones like the 9-year-old have to teach what has to be done for the benefits of the citizens or country? , something that each one of us has to think about and act accordingly.


Third Eye

The ‘Third Eye’ project has already managed to set up 10,164 CCTV cameras in a span of one year. The total cost of the project is Rs 69.37 crore. H Krishnamoorthy, Assistant Commissioner of Police said, “The third eye project has helped us solve crimes quicker. Instead of questioning multiple suspects and leads in connection with a crime, we can narrow down on the culprit with the help of cameras,”. The 9-year old’s contribution to such a proactive initiative is certainly a matter of extreme nobility and a great inspiration to all we citizens of the country.

Srihita’s thought process, concern, love for the country and a thrive for social service is highly commendable. What a noble gesture isn’t it?. A thought like this at this tender age will take her to greater heights in the future. Thanking, and congratulating Srihitha for actually implementing her out of the box thinking and wishing her all the best on her life goals of aspiring to arise like her role model IPS officer-Kiran Bedi and I am sure noble children like Srihitha would certainly grow to a personality like her!.