9 Realistic Film Maker Combos Rocking Star Yash Should Consider After KGF Chapter 2

yash after kgf 2

So, now that Rocking Star Yash will be winding up KGF in a couple of months, the next big question on everyone’s minds is, as to who would direct Yash’s next. ‘My Name is Kiraataka’ was heard as Yash’s follow-up to KGF, but there is still no concrete news about this flick.

Also, since Yash is now a ‘pan-India’ star, the market for the 34-year-old is high. Hence, taking into deliberation some of the best directors in India (of course, weightage is given to Kannada filmmakers! ), here are 9 realistic combinations Yash can target after KGF Chapter 2.

1. Raw & Realistic – Duniya Soori

This combo would seriously be lit! Also, Soori appears to be one of the very few Kannada directors who can dish out a content-oriented film with a pan-India reach. Also, the following two movies filled with elevations, a realistic movie can be the way forward for the Rocking Star.

yash after kgf 2

2. A Fan’s Delight – Puri Jagannath

There have already been rumors about this combination. After directing Puneeth Rajkumar in Kannada, Yash can be the next big Sandalwood star to work with Puri. The ‘Pokiri’ director is well-known for his elevations & subjects of national interest, something that will go well with Yash’s current image.

yash after kgf 2

3. A Multilingual Attempt – AR Muragadoss

Muragadoss has already done a great job in Kollywood, Tollywood & Bollywood with prime actors. He is an intelligent filmmaker who usually picks a socially-sensible subject. Might be, for Yash’s sojourn to strengthen his ‘pan-India’ base, ARM could be a good idea.

yash after kgf 2

4. Perfectionist – Hemanth M Rao

Hemanth M Rao might not have handled a star-vehicle as yet, but thanks to his terrific skills, our big-heroes can safely bet on the two-film old filmmaker. Hemanth is adept in the ‘Thriller’ genre and actually, it might not be a bad idea for Yash to try something of this sort.

yash after kgf

5. An Interesting Combination – Rishab Shetty

Rishab Shetty has proved himself in multiple genres and he again is one of the very few Kannada directors who could handle Yash’s newfound image. In fact, a movie in this combination will raise a lot of eyebrows and generate curiosity amongst the audience.

yash after kgf 2

6. The Ultimate Comeback – Mani Rathnam

This surely will be an ultimate comeback for the legendary director to Sandalwood. Yash ticks all the attributes that define a Mani Rathnam’s hero & aided by AR Rahman’s music, this combo will definitely go places.

yash after kgf 2

7. Mass+Class – Vikram Kumar

Vikram Kumar is a sensible filmmaker with good movies such as 24, Manam and Gang Leader in his filmography. His stories are well-written & coming to his direction, there is always a layer of uniqueness attached to it. Yash might as well try to partner with this filmmaker in the future.

yash after kgf 2

8. Firecracker – Sandeep Reddy Vanga

It surely would be a firecracker. Bold, Intense & Aggressive – Both these individuals can ooze these elements and generate something that is truly explosive. Now, just imagine Yash walking in the ‘Waw Waw…Waw” BGM playing!

yash after kgf 2

9. A Repeat of the Magic – Prashant Neel

Yeah. Why not? Both have proved themselves together and joining hands again will be a treat for the fans. And wait! we aren’t spreading any rumors about KGF Chapter 3 here.

yash after kgf 2

Do you have filmmakers on mind for Rocking Star? Do let us know in the comments below. Thank you for reading!



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