9 Local shopping places of Hyderabad for full on Budget Shopping

local shopping places of hyderabad

Hyderabad has been at the heart of India’s commercial industries for centuries now. As a rule of thumb, we all prefer the Old City for shopping where we can get local and indigenous stuff. However, we are here today with this article where we would be talking about almost all the local shopping places of Hyderabad which are not so expensive but pocket-friendly.

Local shopping places of Hyderabad


To start with, Shilparaman is of the places you must visit if you love shopping. It’s known for handicrafts, Chanderi Saris, Pochampally Fabric and many other products. It is basically a treasure trove of crafts and art. There are several permanent stalls here which are operational all through the year. You may find different kinds of products here like Chanderi saris and dress material from Indore, Madhubani paintings from Patna, Ikat fabric from Andhra Pradesh. Make sure to visit this place when you happen to visit Hyderabad, you won’t be disappointed.


Local shopping places of Hyderabad

Mozzamjahi Market

Mozzamjahi Market, basically known for Ikat weaves and Brass Ware. It was built by the last Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan in the 1900s, the Mozzamjahi Market is an impressive arcade with a quaint appeal. Earlier, it was a fruit market and fruits from here were sent to the Falaknuma Palace for the Nizams and their guests. Besides fruits, there were a whole lot of shops that sold arm and ammunition, paan, earthenware and even groceries. People also visit here for the Karachi Bakery and the Famous Ice Cream which is also to have been set up when the market was built.

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Laad Bazaar

Laad Bazaar (Chudi Bazaar), known for Bangles of every possibly kind, Khara Dupattas and pearls. These beautiful Hyderabadi bangles are famous not just in the city but also in chic boutiques in abroad too. Just off Charminar on the way to the Chowmahalla Palace, you shall locate Laad Bazaar which was apparently set up by Quli Qutb Shah at the time of his daughter’s wedding. Remember to bargain hard.

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Sunday Book Bazaar

Sunday Book Bazaar is for all the books lovers one who find their happiness in books. With some patience and interest, you might also find a rare edition or an out-of-print book too. You can find almost any book of our choice and you can also sell the books which you already read, remember to bargain well either selling or buying.


Local shopping places of Hyderabad

Antique Market

Antique Market, Murgi Chowk is famous for their exotic Antiques. From crockery from the time of the Nizams to quaint chandeliers that might not be original but replicas made to look like the original pieces, wooden chests, picture frames or to put it rightly, every item in this shops supposedly has a history, though the authenticity of the shopkeeper’s stories should be taken with a pinch of salt. Not only for buying but you may also sell your antiques if you want.

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Gudimalkapur Flower Market

Gudimalkapur Flower Market, known for wholesale flower marker, a treat for the senses with more than a hundred varieties of flowers set beautifully in the open. The visiting hours are from, as early as 4 in the morning until about 7 in the evening. You will find beautiful flowers but in cheaper rates comparatively.

Local shopping places of Hyderabad

Jummerat Bazaar

Popularly known as Chor Bazaar, Jumeerat bazaar is a flea market that houses cheap and stolen products on every Thursday near the Muslim bridge area nearby the Begum Bazaar. This is one place where you can buy anything from cricket set at just Rs.60 to show-off jewelry, torches, tables, home décor items, second-hand cycles, and more. Great place to shop and there is no limit to what you find here.


Charminar Bazaar

The main attraction of the city which is known for pearls, ethnic clothing, accessories, and jewelry shopping. The market is so bustling that you may fall behind in choosing your best but nevertheless, it is worth visiting shopping destination of Hyderabad. You could pick anything from plastic toys, kids wear, men wear to glasses, bangles, and mehndi cones at a rate much cheaper than anything. So, Charminar bazaar is definitely a happening shopping market of Hyderabad for shopping freaks and shopaholics.

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This is the favorite shopping destination for students as they can buy anything and everything they like from their pocket money. It is one of the oldest places of Hyderabad that sells second-hand books, clothes, mobile phones, home accessories and more. It also has malls like the brand factory, big bazaar to the street stalls where you have more bargaining power comparatively.

Local shopping places of Hyderabad

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