84-Year-Old ‘Pondman’ Kaamegowda Tests Positive For COVID-19 In Mandya District

The 84-year-old Pondman Kaamegowda who was recently in the news after he was praised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Mann Ki Baat talk has tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

According to the reports, Kaamegowda has been admitted to the Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences and is under medical observation. He was doing the rounds of the hospital after an old leg injury turned worse. On Monday, he was shifted to the Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences from the Government hospital of Malavalli where his swabs were collected for the COVID-19 test.


The District Collector of Mandya MV Venkataesh confirmed the news and said,

“He was found to be positive. He is asymptomatic and responding well.”

The road that leads to his house in Daasandoddi has been sealed. The family members including his son and daughter-in-law are currently under quarantine.

Kaamegowda (2)

An Inspiration For Generations

An aged Shepherd from Mandya, Kaamegowda has been involved in protecting the environment in his own capacity for years now. Kaamegowda turned to graze the sheep at a very young age. Technically, he cannot read and write but it hasn’t stopped him from achieving a rare feat. All throughout his life, Kaamegowda has created and revamped 16 ponds making use of the money he earned by himself. On the 66th episode of Mann Ki Baat on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the deeds of Kaamegowda.


It all began with his concern about the birds and animals of the forest. To provide them clean water, Kaamegowda developed these ponds. With this, he has also developed underground water in the region. Apart from this, he has also planted several thousand plants and trees around the hills. He made sure his technical illiteracy does not stop him from contributing to the world. Today, the rocks in the hills tell a different story of his life. The one which inspires many around the country.


Source: The Indian Express