8 Terrific Sandalwood Duo’s That Have A Separate Fan-Base In Our State

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Just like crucial partnerships define a game’s outcome in cricket, the filmy biz. also relies on certain partnerships to deliver the goods. However, in the latter case, the partnerships add a certain cinematic flavor or taste to the final output. If the audience like this taste, these combinations tend to repeat and entertain the viewers often.

In Sandalwood too, there have been a few cases of blockbuster combinations that have set the screens on fire. Their fan-base is unparalleled and it would not be a surprise if they have multiple ‘Mutual Fans Associations’ across the state. Here is more about 8 such combinations.


Suri – Charan Raj

It may have been just one movie so far, but this duo has already provided us with content, that will stay long in our memories. Be it the title song or ‘Mental Ho Jawa’, Tagaru had fantastic songs, all of which just seemed irresistible for being played on a loop. With Popcorn Monkey Tiger set to release soon, the fans of this duo will have more to rejoice.

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Upendra – Gurukiran

The streets will never forget the aftermath of the explosion that happened every time these two gentlemen collaborated. Although Gurukiran has composed for many films that have Upendra in the lead role, our focus here will be on the three movies that have Upendra as the director and Gurukiran as the music-composer. While we can never forget the songs ‘Sum Sumne’, ‘Chandni’ and ‘Maari Kannu’ from ‘A’, the combo produced superb songs in ‘Uppigintha Ruchi Bere-illa’ and ‘MTV Subbalakshmige’ in their next movie ‘Upendra’. Most recently, the duo worked together for ‘Uppi-2’ and did not disappoint their fans, as they delivered the extremely popular ‘Excuse Me Please’.

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Rakshit Shetty – B Ajaneesh Lokanath

Every time these two individuals have come together, the result has been exceptional. While the BGM in Ulidavaru Kandante can still be enjoyed individually, the songs in Kirik Party – especially that of ‘Belegeddu’, and most recently ‘Hands Up’ from Avane Srimannarayana have all been successful. The best achievement by this duo has been that they have been able to stimulate both our sensory and auditory nerves at the same time, consistently in all of their movies.


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Prashant Neel – Ravi Basrur

Well, what can be said about this duo? The songs & BGM in both Ugramm and KGF Chapter 1 were beyond our expectations and fuelled too many ‘high’ moments. Neel is known for his elevations and taking nothing away from him, the majority of the credit must also be given to Ravi’s BGM for the impact. Standalone as well, the songs in this combination have done exceedingly well.

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Tharun Sudhir – Arjun Janya

This duo has worked for only two songs so far – ‘Appa I Love You’ & ‘Vande Mataram’, both from the movie Chowka. While ‘Vande Mataram’ was more situational and delivered the impact, ‘Appa I Love You’ became an instant chartbuster when it released. Tharun’s vision of a dad-daughter relationship was translated wonderfully on-screen, aided by this heart-melting song.

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Yograj Bhat – V Harikrishna

In recent times, this combo has clicked big-time at the box-office and has given us many songs to remember. Their first film together – ‘Gaalipata’ was a massive success and set the tone for many productive collaborations. While each song in Gaalipata made noise in their own way, the duo combined again for the Puneeth’s ‘Paramatma’. It is in this movie that the audience developed a taste for this combination. Yograj Bhat’s quirky lyrics found a perfect rhythm with Harikrishna’s instruments as these songs entertained the audience to the core. Further, they gave more memorable albums such as ‘Drama’ and ‘Dana Kaayonu’ which enhanced their reputation.


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V Ravichandran – Hamsalekha

This duo did have a separate fan-base in the industry. So much that, even when the movie flopped, the songs were unanimous hits. Some wonderful albums, notably Premaloka, Ranadheera, Ramachari, and Preethsod Thappa came out in their combination and we only hope that we get to listen to more of their work in the future.

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Shankar Nag – Ilayaraja

‘Thangaliyalli Naanu’, ‘Jothe Jotheyali, ‘Geetha’, ‘Santhoshakke’ are some of the famous songs that were given birth to, by this duo. Almost every song in their combination has become evergreen and irreplaceable. Even now, after almost a change in generation, these songs are revered and considered as a reference for many upcoming musicians. For many years to come as well, this is likely to remain the same.

source: toi