8 Reasons Why RCB Is The Most ‘Entertaining’ Team Of The Tournament

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) is undoubtedly one of the most followed franchises in the tournament. Despite not winning a trophy, it is hard to visualize IPL without RCB. The team is more than a brand, and apart from silverware, it is well-rounded by every other factor. Hence, you can call it the most satisfying franchise in the competition. Here’s why:

Box-Office Entertainment

Whenever they take the field, entertainment is 100% guaranteed. Like the locals say, if ‘Baayig Beeja Barsodu is an Art’, ‘RCB is a better artist than Picasso’. Not only close games, when RCB achieves comprehensive victories too, they never miss keeping the viewers absorbed.


rcb swat

‘Chindi’ Players

While it was Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble then, it is Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers now. In the midst, we saw terrific cricketers like Chris Gayle and Mitchell Starc too. RCB is never devoid of cricket’s powerhouses, and that makes this franchise always pleasing to watch.


Records, On Either Side

Setting new records is an easy task for RCB, be it positive or negative. The ultimate proof of this statement is that the squad holds the record for both the highest and the lowest scores in the tournament. But when they set a record, it’s almost unbeatable atleast for a few years.

The Best Fan-Base, Ever

Now, who would support a team that hasn’t won even a single trophy? Let alone support, the fans of RCB are obsessed with their team. This bond is ‘unexplainable’, and may for long it be there in existence.


Mr. Nags & Co.

RCB’s social-media team is always on point. RCB’s YouTube records are untouchable, all thanks to Mr. Nags & Co. While Danish Sait and his team keep the viewers entertained, they also do a fine job of taking the players’ minds off the stressful jobs for a few minutes.

RCB fan

‘Out of the Box’ Initiatives

RCB is a pioneer when it comes to this. The team’s Go-Green initiative is excellent, while this season, they are also doing their bit for the COVID warriors. RCB is also the first team in IPL to appoint a woman in the backroom staff. Such things speak volumes about the character of the franchise.

‘Ee Sala Cup Namde…’

Apart from the acronym of the team names and the word ‘IPL’, the most talked-about acronym in the competition definitely has to be ‘ESCN’. It might be a troll item but without the four words, IPL does appear something different.



Meme Industry’s Unofficial investor

Okay, they might get trolled often. But, memes often tends to have a positive effect, and the fans of the franchise must be appreciated for drawing a clear line in the banters. No one has a lot of complaints, and it’s okay until abuses don’t appear.

rcb fans worldwide

Finally, RCB forever! Full-uu Dankanakka!!!