8 mind blowing finishes in Cricket that gave us full on entertainment


Cricket, the game of entertainment takes its shape in the last over. Over the years we’ve been a witness for thousands of matches but the thrill that we enjoy in the last over is just beyond words. Here we bring you the 10 mind blowing finishes that gave us full on entertainment.

It was one of the T20 semi finals between Australia and Pakistan. Australia needed 17 runs in the last over and Mike Hussey was at the strike facing a Pakistani spinner Sayeed Ajmal. This was one of the spectacular matches where Hussey hit back to back sixes and finished the match in style and it was an absolute treat to aussie fans. 

mind blowing finishes in Cricket

Who will forget that last over in the first T20 final between India and Pakistan where Dhoni gave a ball to an inexperienced bowler Joginer sharma instead of Harbhajan singh? Misbah flips the ball in the air to get out for a catch and India celebrates to become the first the T20 world cup winner.

Last over in cricket

India have whitewashed Australia in the T20 series winning all the three matches. It was a thriller of a contest in the 3rd and final T20 in Sydney. India needed 17 off the last over and crossed the line off the last ball.

mind blowing finishes in Cricket

VB series final between Australia and Sri Lanka saw an unbelievable end. The bowler Brett lee hit 11 runs in the last over to win the match for his team. 

mind blowing finishes in Cricket


Best of all; An ODI match between WI and SA where WI needed 4 from 6 balls and Ian Bradshaw was on the strike. To everyone’s surprise, South african bowler Langeveldt took a wicket of Bradshaw and the next batsman who walked in also got out for a duck and Langeveldt made it a hatrick to take last man’s wicket and South africa snatched the match from the hands of West Indies. best finish in cricket

Pathan brothers finished off in style. In a match against Srilanka, India needed 5 runs in the last over. Yusuf pathan who was on the strike gets a single and then Irfan pathan hits a six to win the match.

mind blowing finishes in Cricket

Ind vs NZ.  India needed 18 off 6 and the batsman was Sir Ravindra Jadeja. The last over was a full on Dhamak with 2 fours, 1 six, 2 wide and 1 run and the match finished off in a tie. 

mind blowing finishes in Cricket


Ind vs Sl. Dhoni hit 15 runs in the last over against Srilanka in celkon mobile cup final. 

1st ball – waste. 2nd ball – six, 3rd ball – four, 4th ball – 6 and win. 

last over in cricket

Hope you enjoyed. If you know any, please do comment.

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