8 Lakes Of Himachal Worth A Visit

‘Time wasted at the lake is time well spent’ said a traveler somewhere. If you agree with these words then you would definitely be interested in what I am about to tell you and that is about the lakes in Himachal which are worth a visit. The landscape of Himachal is dotted with magnificent peaks, gorgeous valleys, dense forests and so many other bounties of nature that will leave you spellbound. One such treasure stored in the heart of Himachal is its lakes which offer a picturesque sight.

1. Bhrigu lake

Most lakes in Himachal act as a life source for the natives but more importantly, they enhance the charisma of the place. Bhrigu Lake is one of the highest lakes of Himachal and is at an altitude of about 4,235 mt above sea level. The lake is to the east of Rohtang Pass and is an important pit-stop for trekkers passing through here. It not only gives you a respite but lets you take some coffee table book worthy pictures. The lake got its name from sage Bhrigu who according to legends did his penance on the banks of this lake.


2. Maharana Pratap Sagar

The city of Pragpur is where this man-made lake is built over River Beas, at an elevation of 450 mt. The lake has been declared as one of the 25 International wetland sites in the country. This lake is named after one of the great warriors Maharana Pratap but is also known as the Pong Dam Lake or Pong Reservoir. Established in the year 1975, it was later declared as a wildlife sanctuary owing to several migratory birds, mostly from Siberia and Central Asia, which flock to the lake.

3. Kareri Lake

This lake is in the Kareri village of the Kangra district and is one of the popular tourist attractions of the state. It offers a trekking trail to the Dahuladhar Mountains, whose melting snow is the source of water for this lake. The lake is at an elevation of 2934 mt above sea level and serves as a good fishing spot when it is not frozen. During winters too the attraction of the lake is in its surroundings dotted with snow-topped mountains.

4. Manimahesh Lake

Locate at a height of 4080 mt above sea level; this lake is quite close to the Manimahesh Kailash peak which has given the lake its name. This vicinity of this lake to the holy Mansarovar lake of Tibet lends it a religious significance. During the months of August and September, a pilgrimage called the Manimahesh


Yatra takes place at this lake and has a large number of devotees participating in it. Legend has it that this lake was created by Lord Shiva after he married Goddess Parvati.

5. Renuka Lake

This is the largest lake of the state and is located in the Nahan district. According to the stories and legend associated with the lake, a Hindu sage Jamdagni ordered his son Parsurama to kill Renuka, his wife in a state of anger and Parsurama killed his mother as he did not wish to defy his father. Later, the remorseful father and son created this lake which is said to be in the shape of a sleeping Renuka who is also worshipped in a temple made on the banks of the lake.

6. Suraj Tal

At an elevation of about 4,890 mt above sea level and located in the Lahaul and Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh, this lake is the third-highest lake in India and ranks 21st amongst the highest lakes in the world.


Nestled cozily between snow-capped peaks, this lake provides just the spot for you sit to back and enjoy the beauty of the place.

7. Nako Lake

Nako Lake is situated in a small hamlet that goes by the same name in the Kinnaur district. This lake stays snow covered most part of the year. There are four temples around the lake which add an aura of serenity to the surroundings. One of the attractions of this lake site is a footprint which is believed to have been of Lord Padmasambhava.