7 Workers Hospitalized After A Poisonous Gas Leakage From A Paper Mill In Chattisgarh

Courtesy: India TV

Following the massive gas leak at LG Polymers in Vizag in the wee hours of Thursday, there is yet another similar incident which has been reported in the country today. A gas leak has been reported from a paper mill in Chattisgarh’s Raigarh.

The Raigarh Incident

Reopening the paper mill after lockdown, three workers had started cleaning a tank when the leak happened. The incident happened last night. Sources said that men were affected by a carbon-heavy gas, possibly methane, which was trapped in the paper pulp tank, while cleaning.


At least seven have been hospitalized, while three of them are said to be in a critical condition. It is said that a few are being transferred to a hospital in the capital city of Raipur. A district official said: “Two of the men are being taken to the government hospital in Raipur while one is shifted to a private hospital. All three are critical, while the other four are stable.

As per the owner, it is said that more men joined to clean the tank, and hence more were affected. The owner of the mill, Deepak Gupta, said: “More men came in to help and all of them had to be hospitalized. Three men are being taken to Raipur, for further treatment.

Raigarh SP issues a response

Superintendent of Police Santosh Singh said: “We were not informed about the incident. We got to know about it from the hospital. We are monitoring the situation and will take legal action on the mill owner.” Investigation is happening to find out if the owner had tried to hide the incident from the authorities.


Source: India TV