7 ways to Overcome Stress & Anxiety at Work

Stress & Anxiety at Work

Highly ambitious people coupled with demanding companies have resulted in a stressful workplace environment. Meeting deadlines, last minute presentations, low salaries and various other factors lead to stress among people. Stress and anxiety are known to affect health badly and hence should be avoided. Let us know how to overcome stress & anxiety at work.

Here are certain ways to overcome stress and anxiety at work

Identify Cause of Stress


One needs to understand the whole schedule at work and figure out the situations or circumstances that lead to stress. Notice how you react to such situations. Such activity will not only help in lowering anxiety and stress but also avoiding embarrassing and difficult situations at work.


Procrastination at work leads to anxiety when all the work is to be completed in very less time. Complete your work and responsibilities at the right time to avoid last minute reporting. Apart from causing stress, these situations also lead to errors and affect appraisals.


Taking out time to Refresh and Replenish Energy

A good idea indeed. Enjoying weekends with family, going out for vacations and taking small tea or snack breaks at an office can rejuvenate you and fill positive energy so that you can get back to work with full enthusiasm.

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Involve in the stress relieving activities

Including Exercise, Meditation, Yoga or a Sport in the lifestyle can help in coping with high-stress levels. These activities increase efficiency at the work because the mind and body remain active.

Eat Good, Work Better


Healthy Diet helps in keeping a person both mentally and physically fit.

Have a Good Sleep.

Sound Sleep for at least seven to eight hours every day helps in soothing oneself after a stressful day at work. Proper rest helps in keeping the blood pressure in control.

Speak out

If the situation seems to go out of control, approach the employers for stress management resources or reduction of responsibilities for some time. Friends and relatives can be a source of support and encouragement in such conditions.


Professional help can be taken if pressure or mismanagement at work can cause anxiety and stress. The above stated ways can be adopted to manage stress and unhealthy behavior.

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