7 Things to do Before You Think of Living or Working in Australia


The dream of living and working abroad is something that unites our country from North to South. Despite a slowing global economy, there has been no noticeable drop in the number of people seeking to migrate to countries like Australia. And, who can blame them! The relaxed lifestyle, top-notch quality of life and natural beauty make Australia an irresistible destination. But there are a few things you need to do before you pack up your bags and start your new adventure.

Learn how to fight the most dangerous animals in the world

Australia is home to some of the most dangerous animals in the world. Drop bear is just one of them. So, if you don’t know to fight, hide or run away from one of the many dangerous animals you will find in Australia, you will be in trouble. Strongly advise you to take spider taming classes before you come to Australia.



Prepare yourself for a few years of hard slog

What is the thing most newcomers to Australia complaint about? It is that their glorious work experience is not recognized anymore. Australia has its own set of rules that you can’t fight. Hey, in a few years you might even start loving those rules. But get ready to prove yourself and sort of start from scratch, unless you are coming here on a company transfer.

Get ready to prove your English proficiency even if that’s the only language you really speak

An exam like PTE Academic is a must. According to Alice Smith of Sure Way English, PTE is the simplest way of proving your English proficiency and meeting the requirements for your visa. This is actually one of the easier things too, considering you can now prepare for PTE entirely online!

Get to know the AFL and pick a team for bonus points

Australians have their own version of football – a much more aggressive game than the soccer you are probably used to watching. And Australians love AFL, especially in Victoria. They will love you too if you already know about AFL and tell them you also have a favorite team!


Add some Aussie slang to your lingo

Do these words ring a bell? Arvo, brekky, chook, coldie? Your guess might not be that far off actually. It would definitely help if you read up an article or two online on Australian slang. Aussies have a thing about cutting short most words!

Seriously start a hobby to fill up your free team

If you are moving to Australia from a place like Delhi or Bangalore, you will have some serious spare time on hand – evenings and weekends. Most likely you will not have much family around during the first few years. A good hobby will help you fill in that time.


Start loving coffee if not already

Last but not the least, start drinking, no actually start loving coffee. Melbourne has more coffee shops than shops of any other kind of …probably! Aussies love their morning, afternoon, evening and in-betweens coffee. You will find some of the best cafes in the world hidden in Melbourne alleyways. A good place to pursue your passion for the brew!



Follow these suggestions, some more serious than the others and you will have no problem making the most of your time in Australia.