7 Pieces Of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

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Just like wardrobe staples, there are some pieces of jewelry that every woman should own to create a cohesive and elegant look for every occasion.

This also serves as a starting place for women who are unsure of which pieces to buy. Remember, jewelry is an investment so don’t buy trending pieces that you will not wear ever again.

Here are the 7 items of jewelry every woman should own:

1. Diamond earrings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Hence it is first on the list. Diamond earrings are versatile, look good with everything and can be worn on any occasion. If you’re not willing to go overboard with diamonds, choose some diamond stud earrings designs online that will not burn a hole in your pocket and make you look beautiful at the same time.

2. Pearl/Gold earrings

As nice as diamond earrings are, it is good to have some diversity in your jewelry box. A nice pair of pearl or gold earrings are excellent. In fact, gold earrings can be worn daily. You can check out a nice rose gold earring design for female – something that looks simple enough to be worn every day and yet elevates your look.

3. A string of pearls

Contrary to popular belief, pearls are extremely auspicious and look great. If you are into old Hollywood and Audrey Hepburn, a string of pearls is an absolute must. It’s an extremely iconic piece to have and will never ever go out of style.

4. A pendant necklace

Date nights, office parties, interviews – you name it, a pendant necklace can be worn everywhere. A thin, simple chain with a lovely pendant graces your neck and lends you an air of delicate fragility. It is bold and beautiful and also mysterious at the same time.

5. A nice watch

Watches are jewelry too. Especially if you have a diamond or gemstone encrusted watch. A nice watch can make you look sophisticated and elegant and itis especially nice for office presentations when you have to move your hands around a lot. Your watch doesn’t have to be bejeweled. A faux leather watch looks just as nice and is worth the investment. Whether you’re wearing a dress, a tank top, a nice cozy sweater or just a blouse and jeans, your watch will match every outfit in your closet. There are many different types of styles out there. If a bejeweled one is out of the question, choose one with a color, get a gold band with a blue or pink face or a simple metal face. You can also switch the straps from time to time to keep things interesting.

6. Simple bracelets

While watches are nice, some people like bracelets more and for good reason. Bracelets come in various styles, sizes, and colors and are extremely versatile just like watches. You can even wear one every day. You can get a diamond bracelet for special occasions or a chunky one for casual, everyday wear. Once you identify your personal style, you can get a bracelet to match.

7. A couple of rings

If you’re engaged or married, you obviously already have an engagement ring and a wedding band. For those of you that are not, you might want to invest in a few simple rings. Wearing rings can increase your feminine energy and improve your mood drastically. Choose a few silver or gold rings if diamond rings are not your personal favorite and wear them together or separately.

This is just to help you get started with your personal jewelry collection. Once you acquire these 7 staples, you can keep building it and include a few statement pieces as well.



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